Sorry an unexpected error has occurred

(Mike) #1

I’m getting the “Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred.” red error message in lots of different apps. This seems to be something specific to my account or hub. Here’s why I know that:
On the “User Lock Manager” (and also on an app that I’ve been writing, and in a forked version of Rule Machine), it seems like any time I try to bring up a screen that has a picker of Hello Home phrases (though it might be less specific - maybe just dynamic pages? not sure)… when I try to set the individual codes for users, I get this error.

However, I just set this up at my dad’s house, and it works fine with the exact same source as on my hub. So, if I switch to his location in the app, the User Lock Manager works. If I switch back to my Home, I get the red error and can’t change the settings. This used to work (I have five users setup at my home) but I can’t get in there and doing anything any more. It seems to work OK from the simulator in the IDE.

Please fix this. I created ticket #222266, but I was told they won’t assist. I’m mad at myself for waiting until a Sunday on a holiday weekend to follow up (and thus probably won’t be able to hack on it when I actually have some time to tomorrow) but I was just able to confirm that the same code works at one location and not another.

I would have preferred if this could have been fixed with a support request rather than going to the forums, honestly.

(Mike) #2

Also, it would be really cool if I could just run the app from the IDE to get around this, but it doesn’t seem like I can save anything from the simulator, so… -1

(Tim Slagle) #3

Did you change any settings? Depending how the developer looks up and saves those routines it could cause an error. I’d recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

(Mike) #4

Uninstalling did not fix it. As a side effect, I’ve now deleted all the codes for my door and have no way to re-entry them in User Lock Manager.

(Mike) #7

Here’s an app that works on one location but not another. Not sure why.

Nothing in my code all that different than the example at

(Mike) #8

If I remove the line which gets location.helloHome, and replace it with a line that assigns some arbitrary strings to an array, it works on both of the locations.

(Tim Slagle) #9

I would recommend responding to support letting them know it’s something with your location. You can drop my name if you think that would help.

(Mike) #10

Thanks for responding. I updated the support ticket. Very frustrating situation, I appreciate you responding on a Sunday, Tim.

(Mike) #11

The only suspicious thing I see in the logs is this:
trace getPhrases(), state.welcomeIssue = null

That seems to happen pretty consistently when I get this error, but I have no idea what it means or if there’s anything I can do to fix it.

(Mike) #12

Bah. What I figured out was there was a Routine / Hello Home app called “Phrase” that had no properties / was entirely null. I went into -> Installed Smart Apps and deleted it. After that, all the apps that hadn’t been working now work.

(Tim Slagle) #13

Awesome! Glad to hear it!