Can't install a SmartApp that's previously run for 12 months

Hi all,

With the timer / schedule failures of the past couple of days I had to reinstall an App that polls some of my devices.

I’ve been using this app for 12 months and it works and is very simple. It sets up a single schedule and periodically polls 6 devices for stats.

Had to reinstall it a number of times over the year when the scheduler got wedged but that’s been all.

Now, I can’t reinstall the app.

I go into the IDE, click on Set Location (I only have one location), it thinks for a while and does nothing - no errors, nothing in Live Logging, nothing in Location Events.

I’m stumped - any ideas?


There were some throttling changes a few months ago, for example you can only schedule 4 schedules in one instance of an app now. Could any of that be affecting it?

Good thought - but I don’t think I’m hitting this limitation.

I have a single schedule that calls a routine that polls the devices sequentially.

Problem just started happening. App was running fine last week, and for months before that. Now can’t reinstall.

Errors from logs would be helpful to help troubleshoot

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Try installing the app from your phone, in case it’s an issue with the IDE.

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There are no errors!

I think you’re right about this being an IDE error.

The Browser console is saying

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: input[value=]

Full error log has been sent through to support@


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I’m seeing the same behavior right now trying to “set location” on an unmodified template app (“It’s too cold”). Same javascript console error as well (“Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: input[value=]”).

Surely this app should work as it’s authored by SmartThings?

FYI, this is in chrome Version 46.0.2490.71 (64-bit).

I did some work to isolate the situation. It looks like an input specification that looks for a device and sets required:false (but not multiple:true) causes this error. Here’s a minimal app:

preferences {
    section("Example of failure") {
        def cap = "capability.temperatureMeasurement"
        input "Broken (required:false)", cap, required: false
        input "Works (required:true)", cap, required: true
        input "Works (required:false, multiple:true)", cap, required: false, multiple:true

Pasting this into the IDE will demonstrate the failure. If you comment out the “Broken” line, it works.

Report it as a bug to and keep us posted on their response??

I just sent the bug report email.

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Looks like this bug still hasn’t been fixed :frowning:

this isn’t broken…

Chrome debugger disagrees with you

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: input[value=] main-app-5811442e0bc96e2d7374677668e7edc4.js:46

So yes, it’s still broken.

I have the following in a dynamic page app, no issues:

				name			: "baseDevice"
				,title			: "Base Device Type"
				,multiple		: false
				,required		: false
				,type			: "enum"
        ,options		: [["capability.actuator":"Actuator"],["capability.switch":"Switch"],["capability.presenceSensor":"Presence Sensor"],["capability.musicPlayer":"Music Player"],["capability.mediaController":"Media Controller"],["capability.notification":"Notification"],["capability.timedSession":"Timed Session"],["capability.consumable":"Consumable"],["capability.imageCapture":"Image Capture"],["capability.speechSynthesis":"Speech Synthesis"]]
				,submitOnChange	: true
    if (baseDevice){
					name			: "devices"
					,title			: "Test device"
					,multiple		: false
					,required		: false
					,type			: baseDevice
					,submitOnChange	: true

Good for you… still doesn’t mean it’s working for all apps / users.

In my case, an app that WAS working is broken. See error above.

so fix your app…, that’s what the rest of us do.

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Righto… so an app that was working for ages then suddenly stops after a platform update without there being any code changes in the app now need to be “fixed” to make it work again.

Why should we have to put in workarounds in simple apps to make them work again?

That sort off attitude is letting ST off the hook for their poor QA testing.

Yea, maybe, but I have better things to do in my life.


So what “hook” are you going to hang ST on?

I totally agree that Change Management and QA us lacking… But if you think you can do something to fix SmartThings as a company… Let me know.