Sonos with Smartthings


my problem is:
i have a group with 3 sonos player.
after i start the routine goodbye or good night the sonos stop playing, the sonos player are not in these routines.
i set the complete sonos controller and player to default settings, yesterday.
same issue. i dont know why the sonos stop playing after the routines performed.

point 2: i start playing with the sonos app and then only one player start playing.
i found out that the player which plays always normal is (shown in the screenshot)

nobody can help?

Sonos is part of ST Labs, there is no further support from Sonos as Samsung owns their own connected speakers and they stifled the competition. There are flaws in the original integration code and we assume they will never be fixed. Your problem stems from lack of a full integration, which they now label as “Labs”.