Sonos going crazy

(Wheeler) #1

My ST Sonos integration is going insane. At first it worked great, but a few weeks later, it started repeating every voice notification, such as the “The back door has been opened” followed a few seconds later by “The back door has been opened”. Now, it has begun to real off audio files that are in different smart apps and not even associated with the active mode. Now when I open a door in the middle of the day, I get my morning wake up audio file not even associated with that app, sensor, or mode. I have not had time to touch any of the code so nothing has changed- but slowly my sonos integration is getting weirder and weirder. wtf?

(Wheeler) #2

Figured out its just playing the last track played for a few seconds, then playing it fully. Wont play any of the audio tracks selected. Deleted all my custom apps and reinstalled the lab app and it doesn’t make a difference. Anyone else experiencing this?

(Guillermo) #3

I’m having the same problem with my Sonos. None of my Sonos Apps are working. It stopped working about a week or two ago. I can control it manually from ‘Things’.

(Foneguy2) #4

EXACT same problem as Equinox… Any updates?

(Jason) #5

Same thing here

(Doug) #6

Same here, too. Wasn’t working at all for a couple weeks, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the connect and control apps. Now it plays, but whatever was on that speaker last, not the selected audio file.