Sonos triggered by lock?

I’ve had a Sonos home music system for years in my old home, and am interested in incorporating it into my home automation in my new home.
I’d like to have my Sonos system welcome someone to my home when they put in the unlock code on my Z wave lock. I know Smartthings can receive a code since I get a notification on my phone anytime the lock is touched.
I hope to incorporate it more and more. Notification when someone is at the front door, wakeup weather and music, welcome home music, etc. Anyone have experience in using the Sonos in the Smartthings network?

You’ll find a collection of things in the IDE related to SONOS, although people report varying levels of success with using SONOS as you describe.

If you’re really into it, you can also find my “Home on Code Unlock Too” app in the Shared Apps section of the IDE - it should form a good place for you to start…

I just actually posted a question in Barry’s thread about this!
I would like to do this too, but I’m not much of a programmer.