Sonos Specific Router/Wifi Settings for Successful Discovery

I was gifted a couple Sonos speakers and would like to add them into ST via the Sonos Lab. I’m unable to discover any of them though. I have several chrome audios that work perfect with IFTTT and Google Assistant. I’d hate to waste these speaks, but right now they are pretty worthless to me.

Does anyone know if there is a specific router or wifi setting that needs to be applied for this discovery? I statically assigned IPs to each speaker hoping it would help with the discovery, but I’m yet to have any luck with them. It looks like all of the threads dead end on this subject.

I have 2 Sonos speakers.
The first thing I did was discover them through the Sonos app.
Then gave them fixed IP Addresses. (I always do this with my devices. Don’t ask me why but I just think it’s better if they keep the same address).
Then went through the add a thing option and there they were.
I’m afraid that’s all I can say.

That’s pretty much exactly what I did as well. I’ve noticed the older apps had an actual Sonos speaker things object to connect. The newer version of ST only has the lap connection. I’m shrugging at this point and will probably regift/craiglist these.

You could try downloading the sonos connect smartapp and try adding a thing then.

I tried that one earlier this afternoon. For some reason the connect app and the lab just doesn’t see anything. I don’t see anything in the logs or in a trace that tells me why either. If I get more time I’ll dig a little deeper into the traces. I’ve been reading that more than a few people have had this issue and I was curious if they found a solution or not.

Oh well. Good luck.

Do you have IOS if so download FING it will find the IP address of everything on your network. There is even an option to show by mfg.

No, I’m an android guy. I don’t even own an apple product… :open_mouth: haha.

But, I have a full ubiquiti pro network. I can see everything via ip, alias, manufacture, and network history presence. I know the IPs of the Sonos speaks, but the ST app fails to find them. I tried adding them manually via the portal, but if I try to control them afterwards nothing happens.

Did you allocate it a DH of ‘LAN Sonos Player’?

Hmm. I didn’t know that one was there. I was using ‘sonos player’. I’ll give the other one a try.

just as info. directly from support today:

If setting up a static IP for the speakers is something you’re comfortable doing it can definitely improve the reliability of the integration.

I do not have my set to static IP’s … I did not have any issues using the MarketPlace - Labs- sonos method, but that was some time ago.

Bob, do you use your sonos for audio notifications? Do you get the announcement to play on the correct (predetermined selected speaker) within the app?

Sorry for the late reply, been on holiday.
Yes, mine work for announcements using CoRE.
I have them set to play on one speaker but if they are already grouped it plays on them all.