Sonos Problems - Can't Discover Speakers

(Adam Ainbinder) #1

Hello everyone

My sonos speakers seem to disconnect frequently and each time I reset the system, it has a hard time finding specific speakers. Oddly, the one speaker it always finds is the one furthest away, which I just don’t understand. Yesterday, I did another reset after being without the speakers on the system for the last few months, had the same issues of discovering only one speaker far away, so I unplugged the hub and plugged it in closer to my speakers and it found all of them. Within one day, none of them work. I did research that you need to reserve the IP address, so I just did that for all my speakers (4 in total), but now I’m back to having an issue with discovery (it once again is only discovering the one furthest away from the default location). I also did a factory reset on a few speakers yesterday to see if that would help, but it did not.

Please keep in mind that all speakers are < 30 feet from the hub, but all through walls.

Anyone else having these issues? Anything I can do. Please help

(Adam Ainbinder) #2

Anyone out there with Sonos issues like this? Detection problems? Please help!