Sonos discovery issue

Has anyone got any thoughts on why a Sonos play 1 speaker fails to be found by device discovery or through the by brand Sonos connectivity option ?

To confuse matters more, I have another play 1 of the same age and type that discovers fine, play 5s discover fine, in the Sonos app the play 1s are not set to stereo pair, they are named play 1 A and play 1 B

Play 1 B fails to be discovered

Currently at a loss on how to resolve the issue

have you tried to do a factory reset on the speaker

Not at the moment aweston because the speaker shows fine in the directly connected list, non of the directly connected devices are selected and are not included in the ST app

have you restarted the phone and/or the hub thru the ide

For Sonos, there used to be a trick to power down and up the speaker to help discovery. It stops announcing itself when there is a high mDNS traffic on the network as I can recall. (Like other speakers or Philips Hue, etc…)

Otherwise there used to be a bug when you couldn’t add more than X Sonos speakers. But supposedly, that has been fixed already.