Sonos or Bose?


Im debating weather to hookup my new house project with a sonos network or Bose Soundtouch one… I wont using their speakers but their amps, since I will be using in-ceiling speakers…

In terms of sound quality and ST integration, wich one do you guys recommend? Pricewise are similar.

If you’re going to wire in-ceiling speakers, why not use conventional amps or receivers?

Hi! Mainly because I want to integrate them to ST

Oh yup. Of course. What components are you deciding between?

I played with Harman Kardon stuff, got so fed up with the un reliability I got rid and then brought sonos…I have no experience of Bose - but Sonos have been doing this longer than they have and are very much proven so I would go with them.

Sonos works as intended. I have 1 sonos 1 cabled so that creates the mesh (and dont need the sonos bridge)


(I have a number of bose devices - and did consider their soundlink)

@frantona I have a Sonos 1, 3, and a connect (running in basement hook to multi-channel amp to run patio and in ceiling speakers) and love them. Sound quality is very good and system is super dependable. Open the Sonos app and hit play and it works very well. I have had mixed results with the ST integration. Speaker control works for me pretty well but I have had mixed results with text to speech announcement from ST through the Sonos devices (my 1 and Connect seems to play nicer than my 3 and I have no idea why). One of the other member suggested setting up static IPs for them which I have done but have yet to test whether that fixed the issue. The Sonos device make there own little subnet within the network so hopefully static IPs help. No experience with Bose version but I have some inherent loyalty to Sonos since they were such a pioneer in this long before everyone else though it was even useful.

I have in ceiling speakers son its basically the only devices would be the amplifiers. Neverhteless the connectivity and ease of use are decision factors as well.

Sonos Connect:AMP
Bose Soundtouch SA5


Thanks for your input! Ived used Sonos and also very pleased with it, just wondering about these Soundtouch tech. I think Ill go with sonos anyway

One thing I did consider was one connect and using cheap amps and zwave plugs to turn on and off zones. The zones would play the same music but suit bathrooms, outside etc etc

Bose , plus Best Buy has soundtouch 10 2packs for $299-$349 depending where you live!

Go with Sonos. It is reliable and it works really well. Also, early 2017 they will have an integration with Amazon Echo.

I set-up two Sonos based systems in the past year and would highly recommend them. Great app, integrates with most commonly used music services and SmartThings has worked perfectly.

Depending on how many zones you have and your budget it will influence how you set-up.

In my home I have two zones and already had a good quality two zone amp. I chose to go with 1xSonos Connect hooked up to my existing amp. This was a cost effective solution for me. Only cons I have are 1) same sonos music on both zones 2) have to manually switch on off zones 3) changing volume levels on different zones.

An example of a more expensive, but ideal set-up, would be what my father installed in his home last year. He has three zones of speakers (living area overhead, bedrooms overhead and outdoor). He hooked up 3xSonos Amps, one for each zone. Nice he can use 1 app to turn on/off music on each on the zones. Also each zone can be set to play different music, etc. and different volume levels. Convenience comes at a cost!