Sonos Notifications - Morgan Freeman edition

geez Morgan Freeman is already in every movie and now he’s moving in?!?

but it’s a really great mod.

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any chance to get this working with UBI?

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I don’t have an Ubi, but I would assume if the Ubi device type had the musicPlayer capability it should work.

The Ubi uses “capability.speechSynthesis”. The Big Talk app has an option to use either Sonos type devices or those like the Ubi.

If you have the dlna server enabled on your ubi you can use this

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How do I enable the DLNA server on the Ubi? Is it just running the Generic Media Renderer and selecting the Rikomagic device, or should I actually see the Ubi in the list. I see the Rikomagic devices, but when select they are greyed out “not connected” in the app.

The rikomagic devices are the ubis. I know they have had trouble in the past. I personally have not used my ubi as a media render device. There was some discussion about it in that thread I linked. Scroll down to the verified devices link in the main topic.

Yep, so this just made my day.

Well done.

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Hi @DarcRanger

Could you delete the device from smartthings and add it again.

Just after you have add it , is the device show it “no connected” again?

If the MediaRenderer Connect can find it and add it, then all information is correct, I have read Ubi use a dlna software from android, some android dlna software creates a new id or port every time the device is turned on or rebooted, the MR device is not recognized again by smarthings if the data has change, Smartthing must to find it every time with the same id and data, I have hardcode some devices to find it again if they change the id data, The normal search start when a MR device change ip or port, the MRC search by unique ID each 3 min and update the info in smartthings, but some software MR change even the unique id in each reboot.

Maybe the ubi is some of them, if you can help me sending the data from your ubi, I can hardcore this device to find the way to update the id data in smarthtings , in that way the device can be updated automatically

You can send me the logs when you add the device, and after the device is added, then delete it from devices, disconect the ubi, and reconect to reboot and try to add it again to and send the logs too, in this way I can see if the ubi is changing the id data every time, and I can find a way to find it automatically

If you have some other dlna media renderer try to disconnect them from network to see in logs just the data from ubi device



I will rerun these steps Friday evening. I will send you what I have so far, but I had internet issues this evening, so I am not sure if I lost some log data.

Also I only see 1 of my 3 Ubi’s showing up. The one that does appear is now listed as Ubi instead of Rikomagic.

Great app. If you ever do an update, I’d love to see a “Husband is arriving”

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Was surprised to see that one wasn’t an option.

I’m also noticing that even when no music is playing, it seems to turn on the same radio station each time. Not sure what’s going on. That option is left blank in the app.

I would like to see “The Wash is Done”, as well as “The Dryer is Done”. :smile:

Yeah…it was a miss on my part. I gave the impersonator every phrase I could think of but forgot “Husband is arriving”. I have no plans on requesting more impersonations from this guy but anyone can expand on this if they would like by having more phrases recoded.

If you want new phrases in Alexa’s voice that would be free and much easier to add.

I’m just curious why Alexa which has a receiver can’t pass voice from an app like this to.its own speakers.

Would it be possible to get this to work with Yamaha MusicCast speakers? They support WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplay.

Do I need to download the sound file from some place? I have installed @ule 's Media Renderer smart apps along with the BubbleUPnP android app and I’m able to get a song to play via ST using those two apps on my Yamaha WX-30 speaker.

I have installed is smart app, but I can’t get it to play anything over the selected speaker. What am I missing?


First, this is awesome!! Many thanks at this great Sonos Edition.

Question for you… Might we be able to give you a donation for access to your Morgan Freeman sound files?
Hosting them on Amazon will eventually become expensive and not worth it for you. I’m more than willing to host them myself for my use. I’m sure other would feel the same way.

Let us know.


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Hey @EasyE, for this exact reason I had to pull the access to the files stored in my S3 bucket. I’m more than happy to share them -