Issues with Recent Sonos App/Firmware Updates

Just to bring a possible issue to the attention of everyone who is using Sonos speakers. The new Sonos app and firmware are causing no end of issues within the Sonos ecosystem:

But so far I have not seen any issues from the ST PoV.

However the firmware update seems to have broken ALL interaction with Sonos speakers from within the Ikea ecosystem… There appears to no longer be ANY control from the Ikea app or automations whatsoever.

As I said previously so far (:crossed_fingers:) Smartthings integration seems unaffected. Beware though as I assume (hope :pray:) Sonos will be making multiple changes to correct the issues they have over the coming weeks/months…

(All apps Android with most recent firmware and apps apart from Sonos - old app re-instated but running new firmware)


Currently, with the new app, Sonos appears to need cloud access to allow interrogation and playback (no search atm) of a local (now non SMBv1 or http) library.

It seems very strange to me that Sonos seems to be moving towards an increasingly cloud dependent solution especially regarding local library access. Seems counter intuitive to me especially given the industry wide move to local Edge/Matter ecosystems.

If they persist then Sonos will be further distancing itself from integration with the broader smart home market.

I totally agree. ST integration seems to work ok still, but now, I no longer can shuffle items from my NAS. Many others have complained about similar issues on reddit.

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They have a lot of bugs to squash. It took me almost an hour to get my Samsung TV to interact correctly with my Sonos ARC following the “upgrade.” It feels to me like some marketing goal was achieved, testing and bug fixing be damned… :rage:

That being said, Sonos has paid little attention to music libraries stored on a NAS device for quite some time now. All of my old CD music library resides there, sadly. I was in the Sonos Beta for the Alexa integration–many stories about that–and the were “downplaying” local music libraries even then.

Plenty of feedback on Reddit about this and (many) other issues. :slightly_frowning_face:

Sonos screwed up badly enough there was even a story in the Washington Post about it today.