Sonos Mood Music

I seem to not be able to add Sonos Mood Music App. When i go thru the process of trying to install the app the last step asks for play this track, and there is nothing to select. I have been able to add the other apps for the sonos but not this one. Does anyone know where the track has to be located? Any help would be appreciated.

I believe the song has to be listed in your queue

Thanks for the help. I never thought to look for it there. Now when i get home i can play the imperial march from star wars and make my wife crazy.

if you clear your queue does the song still play if the event is triggered?

Yeah. I cleared it out and it’s still shows up in the play this track section and works when triggered. I was wondering if it would remember too.

I can’t get the songs in my queue to show all of a sudden. can you add new ones?

Yes i still can get the songs in my queue. And i did install the newest update.

does anyone know if Humidity level from the Aeon Labs Aeotec Multi can be used as a trigger for this? I don’t see it in the trigger list. I only see “Water sensor wet.” I am trying to trigger a certain playlist to play on my Sonos when I take a shower. I figured I could kill a few birds with one stone by using the Aeon Labs Aeotec Multi to trigger the playlist with a rise in humidity, and I could also use the Aeon Labs Aeotec Multi for other things too, like turning the lights on in my bathroom when it senses motion.

I don’t want to have to buy the water sensor just for this use case. Does anyone know?

Just wanted to update this with a picture of the options that I see under “Actions > Music > Sonos Mood Music.” I can use the Aeon Multi to trigger the playlist when there is motion, but it doesnt give the option to trigger the playlist with a rise in humidity, or above a certainl level of humidity.

Does anyone out there know if this is something that would have to be custom-coded, so that “rise in humidity” or “humidity rises above a certain level” was added to the list of triggers seen below?

It seems so odd to me that you can only choose from a queue. At a minimum - a list of your favorites should also be made available here. My Sonos players are grouped, so you have ot make sure that you select the main one on the group or your list will be empty.

Just to get this right - and sorry for posting to a really old thread but I didn’t want to start a new post if one was already here. Plus I seem to get told off :wink:

I have a Samsung M5 speaker - However my “Play this track” and then is meant to list, lists nothing… Where do I have to put the tracks to get it to work? Also, all my music is stored on a NAS… Which I have a VPN to on an external site… Is there anyway of getting this working?

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Having the same issue as the original poster…
Sonos Play 1 installed and working with Notify with Sound smartapp (mostly).

However, when trying to setup Mood Music smartapp I click “Play this track” then I see “No devices to connect”. Same thing happens for any smartapp that uses the “Play this track” feature.

I’ve tried using playlists/queues/etc… and have listened all the way through as suggested by others. “No devices to connect” is the only thing I have ever seen. Ever!

Does anyone have this working with Sonos Play 1 speakers?


I’m having same issue. Sonos setup; can start and stop the speakers (defaults to playing song and group previously played tho). But when installing Mood Music player and following directions to setup trigger of person’s arrival, I get to last step and when I click ‘play this track’, it’s blank. “no available options”. I have verified Sonos setup, verified I have a song in the Queue; test played the song directly in Sonos, etc. But cannot get this to show anything. Help!

Same issue here. I’ve got my SONOS connected, announcing using Speaker Notify with Sound and can play the last thing I had in the playlist. But I’m having no luck getting the Mood Music app working. I’ve done the following:

  • Opened the native SONOS app, selected the SONOS device I wanted to have the playlist enabled on and added local songs to the playlist. (I’ve also tried Pandora without success)

  • Added the Mood Music app and gone through the selection of the SONOS device but the Play This Track option just leaves me with a blank screen with No Available Options displayed.

I’ve tried this on several SONOS devices with the same results.

I’m doing this from an iPhone if that makes any difference. Anyone have any ideas?

Cheers, Gary

Okay, discovered this entirely by accident but just succeeded in getting this working. Those that are having trouble, try this…

  • Make sure your SONOS device is connected and added to your Things list (I know, obviously!)
  • Create your playlist in the native app and begin playing the song
  • Go to the SONOS device in your Things list and open it. Press Play/Pause/Refresh until the song being played is listed
  • Go through the motions of adding the Mood Music app again. Hopefully you should see the current song in the list to be able to add it.

It does add all the songs that were in the list even though it only lists one. Emptying the list from the native SONOS app seems to have no negative effect on the playlist you added to the smart app.


I am having the same issue with the Samsung Multiroom R1 I just purchased. I see solutions for SONOS are there any for Samsung?

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I’d love to see a solution for the Samsung R1 too. I can’t use mood music either.