Sonos + iTunes Library Playlist not possible in Mood Music SmartApp?

Continuing the discussion from Triggering playlists or songs in Sonos:

I have an iTunes Library on a Mac connected to my new Sonos via the Sonos Mac App. When I start a playlist from that iTunes Library in the Sonos app on my phone and go into ST to add the Mood Music SA, all I see is the track being played and not the list itself. I’ve refreshed the Sonos thing as well, but that didn’t do anything. Can I not play a Music Library playlist within ST?

Or, am I being dumb on how to add the playlist? (Which is the logical result of my stupidity!)

Rut-roh…looks lke I have another stumper? :confused:

Just following up one more time on this if anyone in the community knows why I can’t select a playlist, just a song.