Sonos: Incremental volume control?


I’m working to setup a ZWN-SC7 controller for lights and music control. Sonos track control and play/pause work as I would expect. Sonos volume control in the standard Sonos control app only appears to support setting the volume to an absolute value (say, set to 50% volume). Is there a way to allow me to increment the volume up or down by 5% (or whatever)?


I’ve basically given up on ST as a means to control my environment with button controllers. The Sonos integration is unreliable as heck. Play/pause doesn’t play/pause, it stops (which resets your playlist back to the beginning). Commands caught in the log are never sent to Sonos. Hue Integration is the exact same, some events are caught and executed, some are caught and never executed.

I’ve found that I can utilize the “Send HAM Bridge Command When” SmartApp to send incoming button presses to EventGhost which is fast and reliable (and supports incremental Sonos volume changes). ST is still involved so the latency is still much higher than I’d like, but unlike utilizing ST’s Sonos and Hue integration, EG will always send the command when it receives the request and it always works.

ST will still be in the loop until I figure out another solution to capture Z-Wave events. ST looks like a great HA solution, but it’s pants when it comes to control. High latency and unreliable as heck, it somehow manages to make modern HA solutions run like X10.

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Have to agree on the assessment. Thanks for exposing some options. Will take a look at those. Maybe once they formally support Sonos we can switch back. Per the CES show and Twitter that will be after Sonos opens up their API.