Sonos Grouped Speakers Volume Problem 2

There is a bug in the Device Handler for Sonos (Sonos Player) that prevents grouped speakers volume from being adjusted correctly.
When the setLevel command is issued the Sonos DeviceHandler throws and error saying that getDeviceDataByName() is not supported.
[java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘getDeviceDataByName’ is not supported]
The call is in the method “private setOtherLevels(val, delay=0)”.
The fix is simple: the preceding line “parent.getChildDevices()” should be replaced by “parent.getChildDevices(true)”.
Can someone at “Smartthings Labs” make this fix and make a release so that we can all adjust our Sonos sound levels for grouped speakers?
(lets see how long it takes for the engineers to fix this simple but very frustrating problem)

There is currently a beta version of Super LAN Connect app that may soon solve your problems. It’s able to handle grouped Sonos much better. This is beta, but it seems more responsive so far. I have not really had the chance to test all the functions yet.

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