Sonos - Force refresh of presets

Apologies if I missed this in the other Sonos-related threads.

In looking at my Sonos devices in the IDE, they don’t seem to update the presets on a regular basis. I’m trying to update some rules in Sharptools to include new Sonos playlists, but they presets haven’t updated in five hours.

Also, trackDescription doesn’t reflect what’s actually playing. It’s been stuck on the current track for at least a day.

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Since you’re using, you could create a rule with just the refresh() command in it and then add that to your dashboard to manually refresh the playlist.

The trackDescription attribute is being deprecated in favor of the audioTrackData attribute, so it likely won’t update anymore. I assume you’ve had this Sonos device in SmartThings for a while (eg. Since before the cutover to the new Sonos integration in ~October IIRC)? The only way to clear that attribute out would be to delete the device and rediscover it.

PS. We have it on our hit list to change over the Music Player Tile to use the audioTrackData as the preferred metadata source.

Edit: also tagging @jamesguitar3 for awareness.

Thanks for the help. I tried your refresh tip, but it turns out my preset issue was a bit different. I realized my new playlists weren’t showing up in IFTTT either. I found a topic on the Sonos community that solved it for me.

Creating a “Sonos Playlist” may not appear in SmartThings or IFTTT, but if you have a playlist from Spotify (or similar service) and select “Add Playlist to My Sonos”, they’ll appear instantly in IFTTT and the SmartThings IDE.

As you can guess, I got the SharpTools email this morning and been making my own music dashboard. Love it!

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Thanks for the update! That’s good to know about the approach for getting the playlists to show up in SmartThings/IFTTT.

And glad to hear that you are enjoying! :grin:

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