Sonos Connect Amp integration

Trying to connect my Sonos Connect Amp to SmartThings. I haven’t seen any recent posts, so wondering if anyone has this working. Not sure if the whole end-of-Groovy support has anything to do with my issues.

My Sonos Connect Amp is pingable on my network, and I can see it in new Sonos (android) app.

Adding a “Sonos” device in the SmartThings app doesn’t find anything after I select the hub for my Sonos. It just says to power on the speaker, but my Sonos Connect amp is already powered ON.


There have been some quirky behaviors trying to find Sonos devices during the transition. I’d suggest manually installing the Sonos Edge driver so that it is present on your hub and will be preferred over any DTH driver. You can subscribe to the ST official Edge driver channel here and select the Sonos driver to install to your hub. Once you do that, simply do a Add Device->Scan Nearby and your Sonos devices should be found.

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Thanks! That new ST Edge driver did the trick!

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So now that I have it recognized in the SmartThings app (and the Sonos app), what can I do with it?

Can I send audio from my TV to it?

Can I integrate it into Alexa and have Alexa send notifications, Spotify, Pandora, etc to it? (I have the Sonos Skill installed in Alexa… It says “Alexa is looking for devices to connect… No Devices Found”)

Unfortunately, the first version of the skill has very limited capability. You cannot send audio to it at this time. These are the high level capabilities supported by the driver:

 1  audioMute         
 2  audioTrackData    
 3  audioVolume       
 4  mediaPlayback     
 5  mediaPresets      
 6  mediaTrackControl 
 7  refresh           

Independent of ST, you should be able to use the Alexa Sonos skill to instruct her to play music from various sources on a Sonos device. For example, I tell her “Play Foo Fighters radio from Pandora on Living Room”. The Sonos skill requires account linking which is how she learns about your Sonos devices. Did you do that?

Yeah, I tried this:

Do I perhaps need to remove the SONOS Skill, and then re-add it?

Can’t hurt :slight_smile:

No luck :frowning:

Do you happen to know if there are new ST Edge Drivers for Samsung TV’s? I was thinking about adding them into my ST and Alexa.

AFAIK, there are no Edge drivers for TVs because they use the OCF protocol over Wi-Fi vs Websocket like the Sonos devices. Should be able to just add by doing Add Device->By Brand. I have scenes that turn on/off the TV, set the source, and trigger Alexa virtual devices that trigger routines to select Home Theater receiver source.

I have my Samsung Series 8 TV discovered in ST. I created a scene to turn the TV on; under Change Source, I see: TV. I guess I was expecting to see HDMI 1, HDMI 2, the various APPS (YouTube, Hulu, Disney+) that I have installed on the TV. NO???

You should see the physical inputs if you have devices connected and those should be selectable in Routines and Scenes. Unfortunately, they don’t expose apps or media renderers that way and you can only choose those manually in the device panel for the TV.

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I have installed the sonos beta driver, but my Amp still not detected. My Amp is connected by ethernet. Someone have an idea ?

Hello Everyone, since the last update of smartthings, i can add my sonos players and the virtual calendar ;-(

any ideas what i need to do? Edge drivers don’T work :frowning:

Finally it’S working, i need to earase and reinstall it 3 times, thanks to this explaination from a member.