Sonoff TH16 not reporting temperature in ST

Greetings everyone. A special thank you to erocm1231 for all his work in the ST apps & device handlers!

I’ve installed his ST app into my ST IDE, along w/ 4 Sonoff Wifi switches (and DH’s), which work GREAT!

So I took the plunge & bought a Sonoff TH16, with the DS18B20 probe. Reflashed it w/ the proper firmware and set it up on my LAN.
I can goto it’s static IP address and poll it.

It responds with:
{“power”:“off”, “uptime”:“21:26:6”, “temperature”:“68.79”, “scale”:“F”, “humidity”:“0.00”}

I installed the DH for this in ST, and discovered the new TH switch in the ST phone app.

I configured the external device to the proper DS18B20 probe.

Now, in the ST phone app, when I goto that device, there is no temp panels showing.
It’s JUST like the other Sonoff WiFi switch devices.

It’s like the ST IDE isn’t seeing the proper DH, but it’s got the proper device type configured.

What am I missing?


I’ve seen a DTH for that switch which has vid: "generic-switch" in the definition. That tells the app to only use the switch capability. If that is what you have, try losing that and letting it do its own thing. If not, what is the actual DTH being used?

The ST IDE Device handler name is [Sonoff TH Wifi Switch]
I got it from:

The firmware & DT is there.

Yes, that is the one I read. The vid explicitly requests that only the switch capability is used in the app UI and the temperature and humidity are ignored.

Ty orangebucket. Dang. I didn’t see that listed.
Which DH should I be using then?

I’d try deleting the , vid:"generic-switch" from that one and saving and publishing it to see what it does then. You might need to update the device in the IDE (changing something harmless like the device name) to get around caching.

It’s not that it doesn’t seem to support temperature and humidity, it just has a stray ‘vid’.

Orangebucket. I did as you instructed. It changed the ST app display, and now I can see the Temp/Humidity display scales in the phone app.
I set the temp probe type in the phone app device settings.
I have the temp units set to F, and the ST phone app displays C.
It still is not getting the data from the Sonoff TH module.

Is there something else in the DH I’m missing?

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

Hey BruceRU,
I’m new to Sonoff and want to do the same thing you have done, get access to the Temperature from the TH16 in the Smartthings phone App.
I’m not following the beginning of your post. Do I need to install a custom build of the ST App on my phone and then change some code to remove vid:“generic-switch”?
How do I get into the code base?


I got this to work, but had to go the Tasmota route method.

The Sonoff’s firmware needs to be reflased with the code found at

The ST phone app needs to be added thru the ST IDE MySmartApps.
The app is Tasmota-Connect.

Eric’s “Sonoff-Connect” firmware & app hasn’t been updated. He did alot of really good work,and then it got put on a back burner.

There’s a good video at:

Good luck.

Where can I find Tasmota-Connect?