Sonoff Mini Wiring for standard US light switch

Trying to incorporate minis into my Smart Things. Diagrams out there look confusing. Anyone have a simple guide to connect to US standard light switch?

This is the best one that i’ve seen.


If you are not planning on connected the external switch, you can just leave that off. Otherwise, the neutral goes to one of the N in Line to the L in and Load to the Lout. Pretty simple.

Please be careful. You’re dealing with 120v here, and while not normally fatal, it can be very dangerous. If you’re not 100% sure what you are doing, call a professional electrician. And make sure you turn off the breaker before you touch anything.

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Wiring went fine. Any ideas on getting the toggle switch to work? I can turn on/off via the console, at the device (push button), on the ST App, but the wall switch doesn’t turn the relay

Of your using Brett Shelenski device handler and tasmota firmware search for sonoff mini template to assign the correct gpio pins for the switch

Right now I have it flashed with ESP-easy.

I have the DH (from Brett), also flashed the mini with Tasmota- just don’t understand how to incorporate linking the device (mini) into Smart Things. Is this done via the IDE, manually? When trying to do so the device shows up as “Refresh”, under the ST phone app, no ability to turn ON/OFF

Ok so the refresh is the parent device. You must give this an ip address either in the app (3 dots/settings) or via the ice under preferences. Once it has an active ip address it will spawn a child device which you use to interact with . The step by step directions are on the device handler within page good luck

Hi, can you tell me how your flashed the sonoff mini with ESP-easy? I am looking everywhere, but did not really found a tutorial on how to make it. I guess you did with wires instead of OTA, right? Would you mind to share with me the steps, please?
I have several relays, sensors all in my domoticz/raspberry. The reason I like domoticz is because it offers a much better integration (and I do not need MQTT) with espeasy.
Rgds, Henry

This is the best video I’m aware of. Keep in mind, this is with a Sonoff basic, but the terminal connections to mini are the same. There are others, like Dr Zzs, that are great videos, but he uses Home Assistant and flashes with Tasmota.

Now, the terminal connections on the Mini are so close together. I have ruined one by soldering it too many times. Nor do the connecting pads go all the way through the board, so when soldering, the connections will very hard to stay attached- THIS IS A PAIN- but it will work.

I have flashed it correctly and it works with the app, but I cannot get the toggle function (connecting to normal light switch) to work.

Good luck.

I created my own flashing fixture.

You can flash without the Sonoff DIY Tool.

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You should flash with Tasmota. See Integrating Sonoff Mini with ST. My findings… post 23 explains the steps.

On the sonoff basic, the button is on GPIO0. So, you would have to set something up in ESP EASY to monitor that GPIO and then toggle the relay. This is done in Tasmota by default since it is designed for the sonoff unit. So, no rework is necessary.