Sonoff light switch help needed

Hey all,

I’ve seen the mega thread, so just wanted to create this to see if anyone can help me.

I bought this Smart Light Switch,SONOFF WiFi Touch Wall Light Switches Works with Alexa and Google Home,APP Remote Control & 433MHz RF Control,1 Gang 1 Way,Black,Neutral Wire Required

I want to flash it so I can use it with smartthings / other he automation.

Can someone tell me what to buy and what firmware to flash?


You don’t have to flash it. You can create virtual switch in smartthings ide, then create 4 rules in ifttt with ewelink service to control it. I have a couple of those switches working fine this way

You misunderstand; I want to flash it. I don’t want to go via the cloud to control the device. I want the advantage of local control

Please find the details here -
After flashing it, you’d require the correct DTH for it to work.
This isn’t a fully local control solution as the DTH is “cloud” execution.