Sonoff bulb b1 turn off from st app

Hi everybody.

So i will start this post just saying that i am new at this forum and kind og new with the whole smart Home hobby.

It started when i found the sonoff switch, and from there i read about smartthings hub and so on.

I know that the sonoff b1 has been discussed before ( been searching for answer some time now) and the same answer is flashing the bulb, as i have no idea about this, i rather keep looking for answer by asking this forum.

I am using ifttt for the switch and sockets. But because i somtimes act too fast, i orderd many bulbs before i understood that it don`t work with the ifttt.

So my problem is of course that the bulb wont work with ifttt and st. But im starting a new topic for this problem because i just want it to at least turn off in the st.
I tried to make a scene in the EWeLink app, but it dosen`t work with the ifttt.

So is it possibly to buy another device to connect all?
Have anybody found One way to just turn of the bulb?
I know this is an real amateur way to do it, but im not that keen to buy a whole set of new bulb.

Best regards

No, not without hacking the light’s firmware. As far as I know you can’t send commands to the EWeLink app from outside of the EWeLink app.

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Thanks for answer.

And you can`t og around with like the alexa app or somthing to send it to alexa app who react? Because the alexa app works well with ewelink app.
It will of course cause a delay like ifttt.

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No, you can’t invoke Alexa actions from anything but Alexa.

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Okei. Thanks for answer Ryan

I found a reserve solution right now. It is just so my light at least will turn off automatic.

If Anybody out there can Get along with this reserve solution for now this is how.

Just make a scene in the ewelink app there the sonoff b1 or wathever you need is reacting at the condition from another switch. If you then turn of the other switch through IFTTT the scene will not act. But the b1 or whatever is reacting at the scene will after a few(many in this perspectiv) minutes turn of because of the conditon of the other switch.

I am just needing this so everything in the house is turned off when me and my girlfriend are in the away mode.

I hope to find another solution tho, but think it is gåing to be difficult.

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You could also just replace the light with one that is compatible with ST.

Of course, But like i said. I bought 8 bulbs before i knew, so i want to try everything befor i buy some others