Issue with virtual switch

Hi I am a bit stuck with this one,

I have added a virtual switch to ST (named it “office lamp”)

I am using sonoff s26 plugs via (ewe app) and it work fine on the ewe app,

I have setup iffft for the light to come on and off, and set it up on ST under automations / ifttt/ which switches,

When I ask Alexa to turn on office lamp it works fine, and in ST things office light turns blue indicating it’s on (which it is) and also it shows when turned off via “Alexa”

The issue I am having is when I go into the ST app (classic and new one) when I actually press the office light on it doesn’t turn on or off, (works in ewe app and voice control but not when I press the virtual button in ST.

I have other lights set up this way and they work fine, albeit it was about a year ago when I did this.

Any help appreciated

You mention Alexa, ST, and ifttt, but Your description is not very clear about what automations you have running where and which events they are listening to. Perhaps some screenshots would help?

I sussed it out,
What I was doing wrong was in ifttt i was putting ewe app first then SmartThings
But when I reversed it and put SmartThings first then ewe app it worked,

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