Flashed sonoff b1 light on when power on

Hi, maybe this is a topic that has been asked before. But i read through a lot off topics without finding it.

So my problem:

I flashed a sonoff b1 And it works fine, i have also connected it to smartthings with success.
But i want my sonoff b1 to turn on as a normal light when it goes from off to on(with power) But when i turn on And off the bulb with a normal switch it just goes on with the last settings.
How do i fix that?
And the second problem, how do i Get the smartthings app to react when the bulb is turn off by i switch not from the app?
When i turn off the bulb with the switch now, it still is on in the app.

Thanks in advanced


Maybe it’s just me, but I have no idea what you’re asking. Are you asking that if you turn the power to the bulb off, it should go back to it’s last settings, no matter what they were? That’s not really the standard for bulbs. All of the bulb on the market today turn on to 100% brightness when power is removed and re-applied. However, depending on what firmware you flashed and if there is some type of spiff or eprom for storing it, saving your config might be possible. But you should post under the firmware you flashed the B1 with.

Oh sorry, just bad in english…

So i used tasmota, i am using b1 in a ceiling light with a normal physical switch. I want to be able to use the b1 as a normal bulb aswell as a smart bulb.

My first problem is that the b1 is always starting up in the last state, so if i turn off the b1 with smartthings, And want to turn on the b1 with the physical switch nothing will happend because i need to either use smartthings app or go on the main menu site for the bulb. So i just wondered if it is possible to change the settings so the b1 is always on state when it is powered on.

And the second problem is That if i turn off the b1 with the physical switch the b1 still show on in the smartthings app. So i wondered if it is possible to make the smartthings app react to the b1 if it is connected not only if it is toggle on or off by the app or internett

Smart Bulbs don’t work that way. If the power is cut off from the wall switch, the light can’t come on. How would it? It doesn’t have any electricity so it can’t be connected to your hub so it can’t turn on. What you should have gotten was a smart switch and replaced your wall switch. That would give you local control at the same time as being able to control with SmartThings.

So i think the bad english is making this diffucalt to understand.

Of course i know that the bulb dose’nt work without any power…

But when the b1 wasn’t flashed And i used ewelink i could go in the settings and make the power on state : always on. So i turned off the light with the app, let say i dobbel click on the phsyical switch ( switch fra on to off to on) the bulb will light on because of the power on state. And if i turned off the b1 with the physical switch it will show in the app.

I just want to make this happend after i flashed it. And with smartthings app

That would depend on what firmware you flashed to it. For example the Sonoff Classic has many different firmwares. The one I’m using allows me to set the start-up state of the device. So, when it is “booted” up (physical switch turned on) it can be ON, OFF, or LAST STATE. However, if you turn the bulb off by the physical switch, it will show up as unavailable (in error) on the ST app until you turn it on with the physical switch again. Also, your implementation kind of defeats the purpose of having a smart bulb. You can’t turn it on from the app once it’s turned off from the switch. I honestly think if you looked at smart switches you’d be a lot happier. They’re also a lot easier to implement too.

First i just want to Thank you for your patience.

I figuered it out at last how to controll it to a new power on state to always on.

Yes i now you are right And the best is to have a smart switch, But then i need to wire everything at my Home when i dont have the right wiring for those switches, so i dont have a smart home, just half smart or What it can be called… hehe.

I really appreciate your effort to help and guide me:) thanks

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No problem.

I got this bulb but haven’t flashed it yet…
I’ll appreciate your help with a few questions

  1. Does your DH gives you all the abilities of dimming, white temperature, and colors?
  2. Did you flashed it with simple Tasmota image or modified?
  3. Can you please refer me to the DH and Tasmota image you used for the b1 bulb?


First of all, there is no device handler published here. I would post your question under the thread where you found the DTH and firmware to get an answer to your questions.