Sonoff bridge


Anyone got the sonoff rf bridge working with Smartthings?

Maybe a rf alternative?

Have weekend.

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If by “RF alternative“ you mean “433 MHz alternative“, then I think most people use the Broadlink’ RM Pro.

(“RF” just stands for radio frequency. Technically, everything that communicates with SmartThings is RF, as are quite a few things that don’t communicate with Smartthings. :wink: So it helps to specify frequency and protocol if you are looking for integration options.)

There is more information in the following article. It’s about IR (infrared) devices, but it includes the broadlink since it does both.

I have one on order. It can be flashed with Tasmota, so with the Tasmota Device Handler it should work with ST…hopefully

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he he i just thought it was pretty self explanatory as i was asking about sonoff rf bridge.

Dont the think the broadlink is a very nice alternative with the extra app and android server.

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I flashed a Sonoff bridge yesterday but cant get it working with a device handler. If you have any luck let me know.

Did you try this one? I’ve had good luck with his stuff

Nope, that didn’t work. It’s just a button of some sort. There is no explanation on how it works.

Found it!!
Do this:


Hello Steven

I also used Bretts device handlers for my Sonoff basic, shelly’s and it works perfect.

Did you get it to work? I have had a lot to do these last days so haven´t had any time to play with the Sonoff bridge.

Have a nice day.

Can you tell me the name and version of the tasmota firmware you are using on the bridge?
Lastest release is 6.5

Apparently this only sends messages to the bridge. If say RfKey 1 is activated on the bridge, nothing is sent to the ST app, but if button one is press on ST app, the bridge receives it and sends a mqtt message.

Weird cannot get i to create a child device.

In the ST ide, change the “type” to just Tasmota. Go into the app and add the IP address. The DTH will figure out what it is and create the child devices, all 16 lol

yeah i know, i got connection from IDE to app but no spawning. I had the same issue before with one of my Shellys’ but after trying changing the ip in the IDE to another online/working shelly and back again i worked… I will give it a go again later.

Now if we can get @BrettSheleski or someone to figure out how to capture “received” messages with WebCore, I may find a lot of use for this thing lol

I have several Sonoff RF bridge devices running my device handlers. I’m considering adding an additional device for every button of the bridge. Therefore there would be a button device used to transmit the associated RF code (existing functionality) and there would be an additional button device used to detect when the desired RF code is transmitted by something else.

I have a game plan for getting the communication back up to the device handlers, just need time to implement and test. I’m looking to refactor the device handlers code in order to do so. It wouldn’t be too crazy of a task, just need time.

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Sounds like exactly what I was wanting

Tasmota Rules + WebSend commands can send the RF code to DTH (or smartapp) to update the status…

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NICE! Thanks, took me awhile to get the coding right but I got it to work. Well I got it to turn on a switch on my 4CH Pro R2.
on RfReceived#Data=520DEE do websend [] cm?cmnd/4CH/Power4 On endon

The only problem I have is, the DTH button doesn’t turn on unless I manually “refresh”