[RELEASE] New MQTT Bridge - Tasmota Wifi and RF Integrations with Device Handlers

I have significantly refactored and update the old smartthings MQTT bridge. Please find it at


This is really beta version 1.0 as nobody besides myself has tested it outside my development environment

I am using it to integrate my Tasmota flashed devies, Custom MQTT devices and Sonoff RF devices using RF bridge.

They have been working flawlessly for me so far.

My hope is that if you have an MQTT broker already running you can get up and running in less than 15 minutes with working devices etc.

Please leave any issues and comments on github. I can’t promise how soon i will be able to get to them but I will try my best. I really could not find any things like this so for anyone using Tasmota this hopefully will be helpful.

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