Sonoff Basic Flashed Correctly--No Smartthings Integration

I have successfully flashed a Sonoff Basic with Tasmota, but no device handler has worked in finding it in ST. I can get to it in a browser to the ip, but ST can’t find it at all. The device just slowly flashes on/off. The web interface in the browser can control it, but it doesn’t come up in the smart app.

What DTH’s and smartapps have you tried? You’re not trying to discover the device the way you would a zigbee or z-wave device are you (by hitting the plus sign)? LAN devices don’t work that way most of the time. You have to add them through whatever smartapp you’re using or manually through the IDE. The page where you found your firmware didn’t have instructions on how to integrate with ST? Then odds are the firmware doesn’t work with ST. There’s a set of firmware I know does because I use it.

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Thanks for the response Ryan. I used Sonoff-Tasmota to flash it, and finally got it to show up in ST, but the device only shows the “On” state, a problem others have had as well and after spending hours trying to find a solution, I have none. What’s weird is that ActionTiles correctly reports the device state, so I’m puzzled why ST doesn’t.

Are you just leaving the ST app open and looking at the screen? if so, it might just be a screen refresh issue. Go into the device itself and go into Recently. If it shows the correct state there then it’s most likely just not refreshing as quickly as you’d expect on your screen.

I did go into Recently and the only thing it shows is when Alexa or ActionTiles toggles it. Strangely, in the Alexa app, I can toggle it, but it will show “off” within a second or two. It’s really weird.

I did try the Hue emulation (not ideal) and that reported correctly. Not sure what’s going on…

That makes no sense. Are you using the DTH from the same source as the firmware? What firmware are you running? Can you provide a link to it?

Ive got same prob with the newest Firmware 6.2 from tasmota. I undated 2 (out 0f 15)of my devices and it broke all automation with the connected taz-onoff. Firmware 6.1 witch im still running on the other devises works fine .Ive deleted/removed the 2 but still no joy.The app sees them in the old and new st app but cant control them.