Sonoff does not discoverd

Hi, I flash my sonoff basic with node flasher because ESPEasy does not work for me, then I connect it to my wifi router and I show it is IP with Fing application , but smartthings classic app does not discover it I try a lot and I falsh 2 diffrent sonoff basic but no luck.The sonoff firmware I use is : Sonoff.ino.generic.bin, the handler and the app is from youtube ( 5$ sonoff …). Is there a special firmware for sonoff basic? Or the handler does not match? Or it need Hub wich does not exist? Please help

Are you using this - ?

Yes I read this topic. The information is about Sonoff touch, S20, Dual and TH. Witch firmware and handler shall I use for Sonoff basic?

You do know that you need to create a device handler etc in your Smarthings IDE, right?
Try Youtube, something like -Sonoff $5 by Taylor Tech. I just did this a couple of days ago, and this walk through does work.
Hope it helps.

Yes, that youtube was my first choice. Do you have hub? In my case I do not have, do you think that because of missing hub the ST app does not discover the sonoff?

You do not have what hub? You have the Smartthings hub, right? That is what ST is based on.
The ST App is a bit like your tv remote control…it doesn’t do anything if you don’t have a TV :wink:

Thanx, this is very helpful.