Sonoff as momentary switch

I have a Sonoff connected to a RIB (RIBU1C) relay to trigger my garage door open and close. It works great if I turn the switch on and then manually turn it off almost immediately. The problem is I need the switch to trigger a close command automatically in about 4 seconds after it sends an open command which would make the perfect garage door open and close app. Does anyone know of an existing app or direct me how to create one?

Thanks in advance.

Dave I’ve just written a little app exactly for this use

Have a look at this thread…


Andy, as a complete nubie here, it was amazing to find your app as it has completely and totally resolved my issue. My garage door project is now working “perfectly”. I have only been using SmartThings for about 2 weeks now but this goes a long way toward helping me make a very nice door control with a total cost of less than $25 (excluding reusable programming tools, wire and solder). I’ll be buying you a cup of coffee via PayPal.

Thank you so much!


You are very welcome!
And thank you for the donation. This is very much appreaciated :+1:


hey Dave, your timing on this inquiry was perfect as you and I are doing the exact same thing!
Andy’s handy dandy program works great doesn’t it !
I too am a newb at all of this and am inspired to try and learn more and experiment with further simple things too. Maybe I’ll learn some simple programming.

Hi Rob,
Happy to hear that you too were able to accomplish your goal with the garage door opening project. I too am thinking about trying to learn more but in the meanwhile, it’s so wonderful to have help from folks like Andy (Cobra). I am tempted to try to make a video for YouTube that gives all the complete steps, however, I’ve never done a video and not sure I can pull it off. It took days to complete the project and get my Sonoff’s to work then find instructions on wiring the RIBU1C to the garage door and the Sonoff only to find that I needed a momentary pulse to make the whole process automatic. Well, after a few days, it’s working like a champ and I only have less than $25 in the whole project. I will have the need to do this project again in a few months and expect it will take less than an hour. Needless to say I’m happy. Please let me know how you progress on future projects. All the best!


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the great thing about these forums and projects and interactions with other users and their projects is the spreading of new ideas.
When I read your description about Sonoffs and the RIB device, I said to myself "I wonder what the heck those are " so i looked up what Sonoff’s are and I was shocked to see that they look to be very affordable wifi control devices that I just might use going forward for lots of other little things.
So thanks to you Dave, I found a more affordable gadget to continue experimenting more !!

btw, how much is a coffee in UK these days anyway ? I tried sending a donation to Andy too

Hi Rob,
Yeah the Sonoff’s are great for any device in your smart home that turns on and off. The RIB relay was certainly perfect for my project. Now I’m just trying to find other uses for these inexpensive controllers.

Not sure how much coffee costs in the UK these days but I figured $5 US should cover it. I hope so!

Good luck with your projects.