Z-Wave Relay Momentary Switch

I use a zwave controlled relay as a button press to control a garage door. Right now I have to turn it on via a click on the app then wait and click again a second or so later to turn it off. I’d like a momentary click to be automatic. I have a couple others set up this way on different hubs but those were in the IDE days. How do I set up a timer for say 1 second then an automatic release on a new hub in the post IDE days? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

If depends a bit on what trigger actions are available for Routines for the device and what capability is used to represent the state of the relay. If it’s a simple off/on switch capability, you could write a simple Routine like:

If Relay turns on 
Turn off Relay, delay for x seconds after

Another option could be to use a virtual momentary button and mirror it’s state to the relay.

If Virtual Switch turns on 
  Then Turn on Relay
If Virtual Switch turns off
  Then Turn off Relay

Bruce has good answers to work with your existing setup. Another option is to swap the relay for something like the MHCozy / eWeLink option, which has a hardware switch setting to make it momentary, so you don’t need to do anything with routines and worry about inconsistent timing. As far as I’m aware they only have WiFi and Zigbee, though, so you might need to look around more for a Z-wave equivalent. Unless the relay you’re already using has that setting - something to check for in the manual, if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. How do I set up the virtual momentary button?

I recommend the vEdge Creator Edge driver from @TAustin. I use this for my virtual momentary buttons for triggering Alexa routines for devices that can’t integrate with ST but can integrate using an Alexa skill (my home theater receiver predominantly).

I’ll check it out thanks. It’s so frusterating that 3 of my hubs have the momentary V switch driver already installed but my fourth needs all these extra steps. Just want that driver copied over.

Which momentary vswitch driver are you referring to?

Thanks for the help everyone. I ended up just using a routine to turn it off 1 second after activating it. Works perfectly.