Sonoff 433MHz Wireless RF Switch WiFi IR RF Universal Remote


@lmosenko posted this in another thread but I thought I would start a new one just to see what people think on this and whether it is doable.
Any of you coders out there think it would be possible to integrate this into ST. I know the broadlink can be integrated and is at near enough the same price point but the latest RM Pro + cannot be integrated apparently.
Any thoughts?


I’d love to see a direct integration of this too. The only thing I’ve found so far is an option to flash the Sonoff with firmware that you can then get to work with an MQTT bridge. But it does mean that you need to setup an MQTT bridge in your network somewhere and that’s just another thing that can go wrong.

The RF bridge does not natively support IFTTT at this point, but if iTead ever get that working, that would be another option, albeit not a great one.