MHCOZY WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

Picked up this WiFi switch for my garage door. Works great with the ewelink app. Just wanted to see if anyone has got this working with SmartThings or can direct me to an open thread. Found a few for the sonoff switch.

Trying to get a handler so I don’t need to use ifttt or ewelink app but I’m open to any options available.


MHCOZY Updated WiFi Wireless Smart Switch Inching Self-Locking Relay Module,Set Inching Time from 0.5 Second to 1 Hour,be Applied to Access Control,DIY WiFi Garage Door Opener (5V)

Hey there - did you ever get this working on SmartThings? I am looking for the same thing.

Flash it with Tasmota and use Tasmota (Connect) SmartApp.

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Do you have information on how to do that? Not sure the hardware is compatible without a custom rom.

Not yet Travis. I’ll update her if I find anything.