Sonnos speaker with sound

(Paul Gill) #1

Good Afternoon

ive been pulling my hair out i used to be able to create custom message but all i can see is bell bark

how can i get theses back ?


(Jason) #2

Looks like they are going to try to push a fix on Thursday.

(Paul Gill) #3

not just me then my heads banging strange thing customer message works on good night ?

cheers for the info

(Jason) #4

I think it’s only with new custom TTS messages, but IDK for sure as I don’t use any - Just saw that thread pop up the other day -

(Paul Gill) #5

i used to be able to tick action then custom then i could type a short phrase it used to work fine

(Brian Diehl) #6

Existing items work for me as well.
It is just preventing us from creating new ones.