Somfy Motorized Blinds (Z-Wave)

I switched to using a Crestron controller as it interfaces easily with the Somfy RTS system using serial. It also adds more robust keypad and lighting controls.

Never quite worked correctly with ST and the ZRTSI

I am also wanting to use Somfy motorized blinds with SmartThings. Can someone from SmartThings please respond to this thread? It started 8 months ago with no response as of yet.

Thank you!

I just pinged support on this over the weekend. Here is the response:

Thanks for getting in touch.

We don’t officially support automated blinds right now, but there seem to be a few options (including that of the MIMOlite you mentioned).

Check this out:

I’d also recommend you post on our forums at and see what other users are doing.


+1 for motorized blinds. Not necessarily somfy but any one.


FWIW, I did a bunch of searching and it seems Somfy is still the easiest cohesive clean wife approvable (yet overpriced) solution out there. A lot of guidance is available for retrofitting somfy motors and such.

The part, which works on Vera already, we need a device type for in ST is the NEW Somfy Z-Wave to RTS Interface ZRTSI - New part #1811265.

Apparently that Z-wave to RTS controller has rather flaky range at 25 feet and you still need another handheld controller to calibrate your start/stop and setpoints on the blinds, shades or drapes etc.

What other blind options are in consideration?

Here are some steps that we’ve used to connect our office Somfy blinds to SmartThings.


  1. ZRTSI Z-Wave bridge for Somfy
  2. Somfy Telis remote (we have the 4, the 1 may work too)

Step 1: Adding the Somfy Controller

  1. In the SmartThings app, tap the “(+)” tile to enter pairing mode, to add the new device.
  2. As you plug in the Somfy Controller, hold down the S-button. Keep it
    pressed for about 6 seconds until it turns solid yellow.
  3. Press and release the Z-Button. The Z-LED will flash rapidly.

When the process completes, the Z-LED will turn solid red. The SmartThings app should have identified and added a “Z-Wave” controller device.

Step 2: Adding Channels as Individual Devices in SmartThings

The Somfy controller has up to 16 channels. Each can be added individually to SmartThings as a device. The steps to add any individual channel begin with the same first step as adding the controller.

Enter pairing mode in the SmartThings app. Unplug your Somfy Controller again.

  1. As you plug in the Somfy Controller, hold down the S-button. Keep it
    pressed for about 6 seconds until it turns solid yellow.
  2. Use the Rotary Selector to choose an RTS channel to add.
  3. Press the S-Button for 1 Second.

Repeat this process to add additional channels. Each time a new device will be added in your SmartThings app.

Step 3: Programming blinds to recognize a Channel

  1. Use the Rotary Selector to choose the Channel to program (1 to 16).
  2. Press and hold the S-Button until the S-LED turns green. This may
    take several seconds.
  3. Put your RTS motor or control in Programming Mode. For us, this meant holding the button on the back of our Telis remote until the motor jogged.
  4. Press and hold the S-button until the S-LED flashes and the blinds
    respond (motor will jog). This indicates that the channel has been

You can then verify that the device is controllable by sending commands from the SmartThings app. For now, on and off correspond to up and down. Depending on the functionality of your motor, the slider may adjust the level of your blinds too.

ZRTSI Manual


Do you have a video of this working with ST?

Let me take a poorly filmed video of our blinds real quick.


This is sick!! How much money is involved in all those blinds?

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No clue :slight_smile: Not sure if they were here when we moved into the place or not.

I am pricing out Somfy with a local dealer for my Home Depot Silhouttes on my bay window which has 5 shades. It’s a pain to manually do 5 all of the time. Does anyone know if you can schedule these to go up and down at certain times (like sunset when it’s sunny, etc). Other than opening or closing them which you can do from the remote, trying to see if there has been any cool use cases in SmartThings for these?

Yes, you can schedule them to close or open at a certain time. We’ve even experimented with using the lux values from an Aeon Multi to open or close it automatically depending on the brightness in the room. That didn’t work too well as it’s a very bright room even when the shades are closed.

That’s good to know. I will see the pricing and decide if it’s worth it. So does the Somfy Z-Wave to RTS Interface ZRTSI replace anything from a base Somfy install? Or do you purchase it on top of what is needed to be installed?

I didn’t set this up but my understanding is that the bridge is needed in addition to a base installation.

Ok, the reason I asked is I am having a local dealer price out a base Somfy install as I told her I will be taking care of the home automation piece. I wanted to know if the Somfy Z-Wave to RTS Interface ZRTSI needs to replace something that would normally be in the base install or it’s just an add-on.

We are looking at blinds as well so great to see we can probably integrate the RTS interface with ST. Makes it easier to narrow down from selection.

In the research I did I came to the conclusion that you still need to buy one of the somfy remotes with your motorized shades/blinds/curtains so that you can program the start/stop/preset points of the given motors. One remote or other controller can control all your motors. Then you need the Z-wave to RTS bridge to control the motors. The Z-wave RTS device cannot be used to program and I think it will also not communicate open/closed status back to ST. All it does is move the blinds/shades one way or the other, assuming I understand correctly.

For any of you out there looking to purchase the Somfy Z-Wave to RTS bridge (ZRTSI II) I am able to get them at a very reduced price. Just message me.


I just bought my first-ever townhome (!) and am contemplating jumping into the whole Home Automation / SmartThings universe :).

My new place has blinds in the living room, study, and bedroom. Some questions…

  • I looked on the Somfy site, but didn’t get any indication of pricing. I imagine that this stuff isn’t cheap, but… can anyone give me an even rough estimate of what I’d be spending here? Seems like about $200 and up for the controller, plus potentially upgraded blinds or shades… and…?
  • Does installation of this stuff typically require much handiness / a contractor, or is it pretty easy to diy?
  • Any significant caveats with this stuff and SmartThings?