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Any SmartThings experts willing to help for a fee?

I personally have a rather complex system. I have 4 motion detectors that turn on and off lights or series of lights as needed. All the lights in the house are now controlled with Z-Wave devices, I stayed away from the smart lights as they seemed unreliable with the exception of Philips Hue devices, but did not want another hub in line to confuse things. I do all that you want to do in your first post, but do not have a garage opener (SMILE). So can it be done YES. The question is are you in a position to do the work necessary along with the time needed to make it work for you?

I have worked over time to Automate the house with the idea that the house responds to me, not me to the house. I use multiple presence methods for my family, a combination of phone, ST presence sensors that work together pretty well (although not perfect) that controls access to the house via a Smart Locks.

When I go into my living room, when I start a movie or TV the room adjusts to my lighting requirements based on what I am doing and time of day.

So while I am sure that your HA requirements are not the same, I am sure that everyone here can pitch in and help you build your system.

Current project, working on a PI powered z-wave device that starts my shower and sets the temperature to what I or another family member pre-sets are and then lets you know when the water is ready.

In my experience this is Only true if you are looking for the stock device type handlers and smartapps. If you are even a little bit technical you can very quickly catch on to the community created awesomeness of this system. You are only limited by your imagination and time you are willing to put into this system and perhaps best of all you won’t find a shortage of help from this forum. There are many helpful people here that love to troubleshoot/spitball ideas. You will be hard pressed to find a “how do I integrate this” topic that doesn’t have a few different option/answers.

Now get me wrong, you’ll see me post more than a few woes about the scheduler in the forums, and I am keeping my options open I only buy Zigbee HA or Zwave devices so that if I need to switch hubs I can. That said I do have renewed faith that the ST scheduler issues will be taken care of with the recent updates.

I know that there are a few people on this forum that would probably remotely help you for a fee the best they could, perhaps there is even someone local to you, but if you have the Time it probably won’t be necessary.

Edit: With only 1 community created smartapp you can do so so much. If/when you do jump on board, save yourself some trouble and install Rule Machine.

BTW, much of this was through trial and error. Try this, does it work, yes good, if not try a different solution. ST gives you the building blocks to make it all work, just understand that it takes time to make it work as you intended.

Also @JDRoberts is a great if not awesome source of information (So when he pipes up, listen carefully as his information should be considered as gospel)

Not excluding all the other people who will help here, as they are all very helpful. One of the best things about ST is the community they have created in making this device for all of us.

Does anyone from the UK recommend ST for a full home automation system?

I totally agree with Rule Machine here. The only problem is the nomenclature can be tough to understand, but like with all things on the SmartThings community, there is a thriving section on how to create the rules and how to implement interesting Home automations through Rule Machine

Yes, that’s why I think it’s important for OP to tell us how much time he is willing to put in. In Any DIY setup Time will be your biggest limit IMO.

Personally, I got ST because I like playing with things. It does make me tear my hair out sometimes. But it’s a hobby - I didn’t get it because I NEED Home Automation.

So I guess it depends what you need really. If you want to spend some money, get everything hard wired in, have support from the installer - go with a ‘Professional system’

If you like to tinker, and don’t mind a bit of research, and the fact that ST integration will be forever in development (and therefore never working 100% optimally all the time), go with ST (or the like)

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There are a lot of issues currently but like Edward, after a period of frustration I too am now starting to see proper attention by ST to the problems and I feel happier, confident that ST will indeed fix them,

One important aspect of SmartThings you should consider is that it is cloud based. It requires an Internet connection to do almost anything and you can lose fundamental control abilities if that fails. I am less confident that much will change in this regard. Local control is possible and implemented for a very small subset of functionality but the longer term prospects are uncertain in this regard.

Not me currently … too much based on future fixes although it’s getting better … once they fix scheduling things will change though. For me the cloud based dependency doesn’t suit my setup.

@Tommy_Mcnally I am also trying to answer this question before taking the plunge. My difference is that I have not done any HA before and are just trying to make sure everything is in place while building a new house

Get that house built, just make sure it is up to code. When you do HA, plan for a room at a time. Determine what you want to do, and make sure that works before moving forward with the next project.

Good Luck

Would be interesting to know what you have in mind when you are thinking “full home automation”. If you list out what you want to achieve we might be able to manage your expectations.

I’m based in the UK too and have enjoyed putting it together since last Xmas. From my experience I don’t appear to have the scheduling issues that many people speak about and seems to be pretty reliable. I don’t know for sure and but this might be related to the separate cloud instance we have in the UK or the fact we have far fewer users. The only issue I seem to suffer from is the occasional Motion detector getting “stuck” but even those incidents are getting rarer as time goes on.

Unfortunately we also have less supported devices than our US counterparts but that hasn’t stopped me integrating light switches, Philips and osram smart bulbs, harmony hub (TV, satellite, as equipment etc) , camera system (blueiris) , heatmiser underfloor heating (via scripts) , nest thermostat, nest protect (not great), life360 and my automated gates (via a relay) into ST. Also IFTTT allows integration of other services like smappee (solar panels), bmw presence and netatmo Face recognition.
Just takes a bit of work and help from the community.

Thanks for your reply Wayne.

I did list the full service i was looking for. The home automation company are able to provide the following which i wasn’t sure ST could do:

Open front gates
Open garage
Door entry system + lock
Front door bell (ERA DOOR BELL?)
Control blinds
Drop down cinema screen
Heatmiser NeoHub (i note you said you use)
The general lights, multi-room speakers, cameras i know you can do.

If i’ve missed anything new out that i can use please let me know. The official list is so small and there are so many review of the system not working it doesn’t really sell the system.

Yup. Just private message me, please.

Thanks for the shout, although there are many people here much more expert than I am in many different aspects. I just happen to be particularly interested (due to my prior career) in the details of network protocols, which means I’m interested in some things a lot of other people aren’t! :sunglasses:

When it works well, SmartThings is my favourite inexpensive home automation system. However, the reliability just hasn’t been there for me.

Everyone has different budgets, preferences, priorities, and capabilities, so there’s no one right answer to the question of “Will SmartThings be a good solution for my home?” It’s certainly not a perfect solution, and it’s definitely not “set and forget.” But again on the days when it’s working well, it’s fantastic, and as a low end system it is one of the most versatile and flexible. Just not the most reliable.

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I don’t have an intimate knowledge of whats available in the UK frequencies… but zwave / zigbee relay switches can likely control the gate & garage pretty easily

The blinds might have an interface, or if you can find ir blinds you could control them via something like logitech harmony.

Do you already have a drop down screen? if it has an ir remote you could use harmony for that as well.

I love my yale locks and it looks like they make them with the uk frequencies

it’s not their business model to have everything official imo.

Also the Unofficial community created integration’s are the largest i’ve seen. And Easily bring the total of integration’s higher than the other systems out there.

Yeah, this part is tough to argue, as I know it can and has been frustrating. If you said you wanted to use this for security I would definitely urge you not to… If you want 100% reliability and someone else to install it, that you have to pay to change something it’s also not for you.


Are you taking about the SmartThings Labs list

If not then can you provide a link to the community list providing its a UK product list


There isn’t an all knowing list that I know of. You could check out the community created but I don’t think they have a UK vs us compatibility page and even this list probably doesn’t have half of the community created options.

But the reality is that if what you want to connect is zwave, zigbee ha, or has an open api the odds are it could be integrated.

SmartThings Labs are official integrations being worked on by SmartThings staff, they’re just not fully baked yet.

There isn’t really a list of all the available unofficial integrations, although it would be nice if somebody would make one.

Instead, the way it works is that community members work on device handlers for their own purposes, or just because they think there’s a new device which is really cool. When they have something that they want to release to the full community they put a topic in the category of the forum that specifically for that purpose. There is one subcategory for smart apps and one subcategory for device handlers. Developers usually Mark whether their efforts are at the “Alpha,” “beta,” or “release” stage.

The topic allows for questions and discussions of the code. The code itself is usually in the author.'s Github, and normally is referenced in the first post in the thread.

“Device type” and “device handlers” are the same thing – – SmartThings has changed the terminology from time to time.

So you can just browse that category, or do a forum search for specific model that you’re interested in.

Usually if a Z wave device has both European and US models the same device handler can be used for both, although that’s not always true.

As was mentioned, we also encourage authors to add a section to the community created wiki, but it’s still fairly new and not everybody has done. But at least it’s easy to search. :wink:

So I’m afraid there’s no simple answer to your question, but there are some good places to look.

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Somfy blinds are not officially supported but they are available in many countries (and in our old Washington DC office: Somfy Motorized Blinds (Z-Wave)). They are expensive but high quality shades… Might be worth investigating to see if you can find a compatible model.