Scene not working with one Somfy motor

I integrated and successfully paired the two Somfy motorized blinds (Bali) to ST hub and app several weeks ago. Recently the Close Blinds Automation which is based off of a close blinds scene doesn’t work for one of the blinds. The blind status changes to Unavailable either at time of execution of the automation or right before this, each evening. The Open blind automation in the morning works perfectly.

I am not sure if it is a bug and was because I have it set to sunset +10 (tried changing to 5 and then 0 but nothing works and you can’t remove that field once you had entered something).

The only way to get the blind out of Unavailable mode is to use the Bali wall remote to close it.

If I run the scene manually it closes both blinds. If I run the automation manually, it works also. It is something with the timer saying sunset I feel that is breaking it.

Not related but looking for help on this and I can post under a new topic if needed… I am also wanting to be able to execute the scene called Close Blinds via Google Home but it says I don’t understand or something similar. I have said variations like - Hey Google set Closed Blinds to On/Open/Off, turn on closed blinds, turn off close blinds. Nothing seems to work with the voice and a scene which is just- turn on or off these two switches.

Hello, I have two Graber (a.k.a Bali) roller shades with somfy motors. I was able to successfully get them paired to the Smarthings Hub as well. I, like you, also have them on automation to open/close based on sunset/sunrise. I have found that 1/4 times 1 or more of the shades with either not open or partially open at Sunrise and at Sunset it will not close or partially close 1 or 2 of the blinds.

This is a regular occurrence. Some weeks it will work flawlessly for days and other times it fails regularly. The only way to fix it is to use the remote to wake it up again.

If anyone has a solution to this, it would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps it could be that my hub is in a closet and that it’s losing comms with the motors? Not sure what your setup is. I know none of my somfy devices are more than 50 feet from the hub, so I don’t think the range is an issue.

Hub Details:
Model: STH-ETH-250
Firmware: 000.024.00020