Somethings that beeps (UK)

Hi all - I’m new to SmartThings. I have searched the forums to help with this but struggling - although I’m sure there’s an obvious answer.

If the house back door is opened then I want something to beep to warn if the garden gate is currently open (escapee dog!). I’m planning on using a Sensative Strip for the gate (range is OK) and door (or a normal sensor for the door). It’s the ‘something to beep’ bit I’m struggling with. I don’t want a loud siren type thing - just a subtle ‘beep beep’. I’d appreciate any pointers on how I could accomplish this.



What about speak text over your speakers (sonos, dnla, or other speakers that connect to ST)? You could use webcore to monitor the status of the gate and when the door opens, speak “the gate is open” over your speakers.

The Aeotec siren or the Aeotec doorbell will work. The siren will produce chirps in addition to working as a siren. The doorbell isn’t used as a doorbell, just as a sounder. It will chirp as well, but you can also upload audio files to it to customize the alert to a sound you like.

There are custom device handlers available for both!


Thanks for your quick replies. I can see using a speaker would be useful for other cases but with our smart speakers being in the living area, it probably wouldn’t work so well when the warning is needed when the back door is opened. I hadn’t considered a doorbell type device - I’ll certainly look into that. Learning that with SmartThings it pays to think a bit more abstractly :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Sorry to ask another newbie question. I’ve been reading up on associations which I understand is a way of directly connecting Zwave devices to each other - thus bypassing the hub for some interactions. Are associations supported in SmartThings environment and are associations complex enough to be able to say “trigger beepy thing only if both sensors have triggered and stop beepy thing when at least one of the sensors closes again”?


Zwave association is supported in smartthings, but not used very much because in general it’s better to go through the hub for a bunch of different complex reasons. And it’s not going to suit your use case anyway, because direct association is only for two devices which are physically quite close to each other, typically within the same room.

Also, it can’t do the kind of complex logic that you are talking about where you want to know what’s happening on two devices before you trigger an event on the third.

Again, smartthings can do that kind of complexity, it just doesn’t do it with direct association. :sunglasses: