Something big is coming! (June 2021 app update)

I’m on a Samsung Galaxy s10e in the US and don’t have the updated app yet


It is, but Samsung press releases include a country as well as a date and this one is ‘USA on June 9, 2021’.


At first I was thinking “the big thing“ app but now I’m thinking just the “2021 app.“ To make things less confusing in the future as more versions are released.

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App 2.5 could also work. it’s not a TOTAL overhaul, so more of a half version number. Device plugins, smartapp screens, automation flow, etc remain the same.


I’d just accept that the current version of the Android and iOS apps together are the app and that further qualification is only needed when it is other apps that are being talked about, such as: various earlier iterations of the app, which has had significant changes before without needing more than one name; various iterations of the Classic app, which also changed over time; the Windows app (and any early attempts); the web app; and so on.


I think that would be confusing, because We’ve been calling the version that came out at the same time as the V3 hub the V3 app for that reason. Because this is actually the 4th major release. There was the hello home version from 2013, then the classic app in 2015, then the V3 version in 2018, and now this one.

If you want the whole history (with pictures!) It’s in the following FAQ, which obviously needs to be updated but that will have to wait for the iOS version.

And the problem with just saying that now this one is “the“ app is that there is so much information in the forum and a lot of it remains useful for years, but the app versions can change over that time.

We started calling the previous version the V3 version because there were a lot of posts in the forum talking about the “new“ app which meant the “classic“ app: new as opposed to the original hello home app.

And there are always lots of questions at transition times like this and people are going to say “new app“ to mean this newest version.

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have


Thanks sir!


I have seen in the tutorial that they have added in the devices, a toggle to mark it as a precondition. What in practice is going to allow AND conditions to be made with certain devices and OR conditions with other devices in the same automation.
It is not clear from the video, because when he also adds the location mode as a precondition, the device loses that precondition. :thinking:
Currently preconditioning was only allowed with time and location mode. It seems to me that it can be a good improvement for automations, we will see!


Android play store shows the app was last updated in April. (I’m on a S20 Ultra in the US.)

If you check now it says release today but it’s still the old version number, I think there was something off with the new one so they temporarily re-released the old one.

This is what I see… (I underlined the release date accidentally…you can see the update date.)

it depends where you look. In the Google Play app it shows the update date for the version you have installed.

On you get the date the app was last updated but you still get the ‘current version’ number, which is again the one you have installed.

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I strongly suspect that (date updated today, same old version #) means the new binaries and metadata have been uploaded to the Play store and prepped but have not yet released to production…

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It’s here, I just got the update!

I was expecting a larger version bump. This starts looking like lipstick :lipstick:on a… :pig2::wink:

Show proof

There are some very significant changes, nonetheless.

Most of these are about navigation and presentation, but that’s what you expect from a UI. :sunglasses:

  1. more local automations, and an icon identifier
  2. the status tiles at the top of the home page
  3. more ways to filter both the device list and history
  4. more control over in app notifications
  5. consolidated topline menu
  6. a different approach to preconditions in automations, both setting and showing
  7. not a change, see icon discussion below
  8. more intuitive screen by screen editing
  9. context-aware 3 vertical dot menu
  10. much faster load times

So no big functionality changes in how your system will run except potentially in 1) and maybe 6) but a lot of changes in the UI.

Less lipstick on a pig than a good dog grooming. LOL!

Of course, I will still have to wait for the iOS version to see if voice navigation works. :thinking:


Sorry guys but the icons on scenes was a thing before


Lol cool presentation!

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… and it seems like the 20 room limit might be due to them using the sideways swipe to change rooms. I am hanging on to my 23 rooms/groups for dear life.

Edit: To clarify I am referring to the lack of space for many more dots to represent rooms.

@Andremain Here is your proof :slight_smile:

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I envy you :grin:

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