Someone Arrives trigger distance

I have the Someone Arrives trigger assigned to my I’m Back routine. I haven’t read anywhere, but I assume this works based on the GPS location of your phones.

Normally it works great. Once I get to my neighborhood, it triggers and the house greets me by the time I get to the door. However, I had a big surprise last night. I was on the highway, about 0.25 miles (straight-line) from my house, when I got an notification letting me know the routine had been run. This is definitely not something that I want, though it’s the first time it’s happened.

So, what is the distance at which the Someone Arrives runs? Is this distance adjustable?

Yes, this distance is adjustable.

In the Android app, open the hamburger menu (where you access smartapps and notifications), and tap the gear to go to your location preferences. Tap the map and then you can re-size and move the geofence around your house.

Not sure how this is done on iOS, but I bet it’s pretty similar.

Perfect! Thank you.