Help: location triggers inaccurate!

(Mike) #1

Hey there,

Sometimes, even when I am about a quarter or half mile away from home, it will trigger the “I’m back” action as if I just walked through the door. Is there a way to make the location radius more precise?

(Brian Smith) #2

What do you have your home radius set to? You can access that by clicking on the three bars in the upper left on the dashboard, then clicking on the gear icon that appears beside it.

(Greg) #3

I wish it could be made smaller though. I shrunk mine to the smallest available which is still pretty big.

(Brian Smith) #4

The smallest I can make mine is about 500ft.

(Greg) #5

mine says it’s a radius of 500ft. I don’t think that measurement is accurate though. perhaps I’ll check it later!

(Brian Smith) #6

Also, it will depend on how often your phone “reports in”. If you have more apps that use location for geofencing, I think both iOS and Android report the information faster. My wife, for example, only has one app that she uses that updates her location - the ST app. So, I think her’s is slower to update. I could be completely wrong about that and my info may be based on older versions of iOS and Android. I know that iOS added grouping of data connects and I also think grouping of location updates.

(Mike) #7

I had 500 feet set this whole time but it still updates incorrectly. I drive from farther away than 500 feet and it’s not accurate in setting my modes (i.e, it will set me as being home when I’m not that close at all). And even worse, it doesn’t set it back (to away) when I completely leave the area.

(Brian Smith) #8

I would email support and ask them. They can probably troubleshoot by looking at some logs to assist.

(Ben Edwards) #9

Having wi-fi on can also help. iOS and Android (and maybe even device by device) do geo-location calculations differently. How you have background applications settings set can also make a difference. Best to contact support if you have continued issues.

(Brian) #10

Like @Ben said, wifi is a huge thing. iOS looks for the wifi routers in your home area to trigger the geofence. If you have it off it solely uses GPS which it queries less often and has a larger radius.
Also you might try centering your geofence further up the road so that you only trigger it once you get closer to the house.