Phone Presence Sensor Sensitivity

I’ve been trying out the presence sensor of the phone app for the past week or two. I’ve set it up to arm or disarm SHM based on my presence, and give me a notification when the change occurs.

I walk to and from the train station for my commute. When I am 400m from home (±25m) the presence sensor changes. Its pretty predictable. However, its not a direct path to 400m - there are some turns and I have to cross a stream, so it ends up taking me about 7 minutes from when I close the door to when the presence sensor changes. Its always at pretty much the same spot though.

There are a couple of reasons this isn’t that great. One, I might stop and talk to a neighbor and I’d rather not disarm (and unlock the door and turn on the lights) 5 or 10 minutes before I can see my house. Second, I’ve had the experience while running errands that I flip presence while driving a few streets away.

Is there a way to change the threshold for presence? I’m guessing its 400m, and I would love to try it at 100m or even 50m.

Sorry, I wrote a post about the zigbee sensor and then realized you were talking about the phone.

The minimum distance for any GPS is about 160 m. You should be able to adjust this in the app.

From the support article:

Make sure your geofence is in the correct location.
In the SmartThings mobile app, tap the menu
Tap the gear icon beside the Location
Tap the map (if needed, long press to place the pin in a new spot on the map, or tap and hold the pin to drag it)
Tap and drag the black dot to change the size of the geofence surrounding your home
Tap Save when you’re done

@JDRoberts - that was easy! Thanks

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If it turns out your Geofence was already set to the minimum, let us know and we’ll look at some other options. :sunglasses:

It looked pretty accurate based on my experiments (before realizing that the circle was both the area and modifiable!)

I took it down to the minimum size. Let’s see how it goes.

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