"Some scenes failed to activate"

I have a webcore piston that activates my “Relax” scene when either my phone or my wife’s phone become present. Up until 2 days ago, it was running reliably.

Yesterday and today, when I got home from work, ST notifications say “I have activated the Relax scene,” except it really didn’t. None of the lights were on, even though ST was telling me that it activated the scene. I had to activate it myself, which worked.

I tried manually switching scenes a couple times, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes, there was a notification that says “some scenes failed to activate.” Sometimes it didn’t say anything. Sometimes it takes a while to complete activation, other times it’s practically instantaneous.

Should I just chalk this up to general ST cloud / connection instability? A search didn’t reveal any other instances of the error message I was getting.