Some questions: how to use IFTTT with SmartThings? And can I use Hue Motion Sensor? Amaryllo Cameras?

iam new with SmartThings, i just start to learn it.
some things that i didnt succeed or find answer

  1. Elgato Degree, how i add it?
  2. Hue motion, the same ^ ?
  3. how can i “build” or put in the contol screen integration that i do with ifttt that not have official integration with ST? like with “Nature Remo” smart AC, that i can put “butten” of on/off in the ST app.
  4. Amaryllo cameras - i have several of them, i didnt find here how can i succeed to see in ST them, can i create it?

Thank you !!

First things first:

  1. which model of the SmartThings hub do you have?

  2. Which version of the mobile app are you using (“SmartThings classic” or “smartthings (Samsung connect)”)?

  3. Are you using a Samsung galaxy eight phone or newer? An Apple phone? Or a different android phone?

There are some variations based on these answers that will let us help you better.

( also, in the future you will get more responses if you limit your topic to just one device and put that device brand/model in your topic title. This is a very busy forum, but for that reason people will tend to skip over topics that just look too general. )

The Elgato Degree is a nice device, but it will only work with HomeKit. It does not work with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved: This is true of all the Elgato eve devices.

If you would like to see a list of devices which will work with both Homekit and SmartThings, see the article in the community – created wiki. There aren’t many, but there are some:

thank you

  1. ver 2
  2. iam using the new app “SmartThings classic”
  3. iam using apple devices. i have also galaxy tab 3 (old one), but until now i used iphone\ipad.
  • thank you for the advice, i will do it next time.

so for elgato devices - dead ):
for the others?

Thank you again

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OK, I am tired today, other people will have to help you. I fixed the thread title so you should get more responses. :sunglasses:

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