[SOLVED(ish)]SmartThings app keeps asking to update to add new st-device-sdk-c-ref device

I have been working on building a direct attached device using the st-device-sdk-c-ref switch as a base. I was able to partially onboard a few weeks ago but now I keep getting a message “Update SmartThings to continue” when I try to onboard my device. This option takes me to my playstore and shows the app already installed and up to date as version 1.7.50-21.

I also have the classic app installed as I port my app to the new app and want to avoid uninstalling if possible but maybe its causing issues?

So far I have tried uninstalling the app, clearing cache and main data.

Phone: Samsung S8 Active with up to date firmware from tmobile.

[SOLVED(ish)]. If anyone else has this issue I guess we just have to wait for the ST app v1.7.51 update to reach everyone.