Solar Generation Monitoring

I just stumbled on this thread. I also have enphase inverters and I’m using the local IP address of my envoy to collect the data every 5 minutes.

I wrote a device type thats working well. I slapped it together with parts from other well known device types with a lot coming from Barry Burkes Aeon Hemv2

I normally wouldnt distribute code in this stage since its still a work in progress but it functional. Youll need to modify the ranges for whats appropriate to your system to get a meaningful coloring of the outputs. All it requires is for you to put your envoy’s ip address in, which I hardcoded mine as the default. No API keys necessary.

The 3 tiles across the top are current watts, time of last update, Wh for the day
second row is the current peak wattage for the day, an icon to show if its trending up or down, total kWh for the system
last row is the difference between the current watts vs the last reported watts.