Smart plug problem

Hi folks, I have an Amazon smart plug, I have a lamp plugged into it, so I can now say" Alexa" “back lamp on” or “Alexa” “back lamp off” both of these commands work perfectly well, so I try a routine with the “wait” command (for 1 minute) and for the life of me I cannot get it to work, could anyone help me, preferably with step by step instructions because I must be doing something wrong somewhere…
Regards, Ron

This website is a forum for questions related to Samsung Smartthings products.

Your question is about an Amazon Echo device. Please ask your question on a website that is related to Amazon echo products. Perhaps they have their own community forum.

Here’s where you can find that forum/community:

It would also appear that there’s still no direct way to control an Amazon Smart Plug through SmartThings:


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