So frustrated, nothing works! (Trying to move Xfinity Home devices to SmartThings)

First, I know nothing about tech. So I won’t understand things like “check the SDK” or “import the code” and stuff. I just know how to put the batteries in the sensors and hit “search” on the app.

So I bought a SmartThings hub because I wanted to replace my Xfinity Home system. I realize there are issues with this, but it’s important to note that all my sensors are the common “Visonic” sensors. I have removed the batteries and left them for days.

When adding the sensors, I hold the battery door button, insert the battery, and release the button after the LED goes out. The SmartThings hub easily finds each sensor, I give it a name, and it’s on my list. Immediately, I get “Can’t connect to device, Check device and try again.” NOTHING works.

Everything this stupid hub finds, it adds no problem… then immediately says can’t connect to device.

I am so frustrated that this whole thing is about to go in the trash. I don’t know what to do. NOTHING works.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved: Let’s see if there’s anything we can do to get things moving forward. Or it may just be that you do need a different hub. But first we need to check some details.

So First things first: there are four “common” different models of Visonic sensors and only some of them can work with smartthings. And none of them are on the official “works with smartthings“ list. We can’t really blame smartthings if you are having difficulty connecting Visonic sensors to a smartthings hub. They never promised you would be able to.

So we need to know the exact model number of the sensors. It should either be on the back of the case or inside the battery compartment.

Once we know what Model sensor it is, we also need to know two more things.

What is the exact model number of the hub that you have?

And, which version of the smartthings mobile app are you using. There are two. One has a single circle for a logo. That’s the “classic“ or older version.

The second has a large circle surrounded by small circles. That’s the newer “Samsung (smartthings connect)“ version.

If you are using one of the newer hubs with the newer app and you just want a very simple set up, then I’m afraid SmartThings probably is not going to be the right choice for you. There may be a way to get some of the sensors to work, but it’s going to be a lot more complicated than it sounds like you want to do.

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As @JDRoberts mentioned in his reply, please try using the SmartThings Classic app and let us know how that goes?

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Thank you! Good information. Yeah, I probably mistook the Visonic ad for definite compatibility. The sensors said “Now works natively with SmartThings” but from what I understand you saying, that doesn’t guarantee compatibility.

The sensors are all model number MCT-340 SMA (2.4G) NA, and the hub model number is IM6001-V3P01.

The app I’m using is for iPhone and has the logo with a circle surrounded by a ring of five circles, looks sorta like an asterisk.

That’s definitely the new app. I’m hoping you’ll get a better experience with Classic.


OK, that’s good news on the model number for the sensor, because you should be able to get those to work with smartthings, but as @johnconstantelo said, you’ll have to use the classic app. Actually, most of the people in this forum use the classic app, the new app doesn’t have all the features yet.

Here are the instructions for that sensor once you have the classic app installed.

The hub you have is also called the V3 model. So far you’ve done everything just right, because you have to have the new app in order to set up that hub. It’s just that now you have to also download the classic app (don’t worry, lots of people use both of them for exactly this kind of reason) and then you will use the classic app to work with those sensors.


OK John and JDRoberts, immediately upon installing the classic app, it found “Chamberlain MyQ” and eh… long story short, added buttons for “garage door closer” and “garage door opener,” and… somehow they actually work!

I just paired one of the Visonics laying on my desk, and it took it and works! It changes from “closed” to “open” when I move the magnet away. So far so good!


Excellent, glad to hear!

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Thank you!

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I’m having a similar problem, I have the xfinity visonic door sensor, believe this is the MCT-350. I remove the battery, hold the tab on the device and reinstall the battery. This should reset the sensor. Smartthings classic or the new app both don’t recognize the device. Did it lose compatibility?

Are there any letters after MCT-350 in the model number?

A lot of cable company security systems (Xfinity, Cox Homelife, Comcast, etc.) use Visonic or SMC door and window sensors, but they often use a slightly different model that uses an encrypted zigbee protocol that will only work with those systems, rather than zigbee HA protocol that works with any zigbee hub like SmartThings. It’s possible that yours are the encrypted variety and that’s why you’re having issues. I had a whole bunch of sensors from my Cox Homelife system that I never was able to get to work with SmartThings for this reason.

Have you tried looking in live logging to see if there are any catchall messages being picked up by the hub when you’re trying to pair?

Try doing a general exclusion with the smart things hub, then try adding it. It may still be clained by the xfinity controller.

General exclusion is a zwave utility. It isn’t needed and doesn’t work with zigbee devices.