"Things" won't connect to hub

I purchased the Smartthings kit yesterday spent 3 hours trying to connect it and had no luck. The hub will connect to the router which is the xfinity Arris TG1682G but when you go to the next step to connect your “things” like the motion detector or the sensors, the blue circle of death just spins for hours and nothing connects. Ive taken apart the sensors made sure that the battery is working which it is, put it back in as the directions say to do, I’ve reset my router and hub many times, I’ve even taken down my firewall. I can ping my Hub but my hub still won’t pair any of the devices.

Ive read on here that people were having similar issues so I returned it twice so far, and the last time I returned it today I went to another store in the next town to return it. Still no luck thus far, and I’m loosing patience. Whats even more frustrating is that I spend $250 on this kit returned it 2 times so far and there is no customer service to help me. Ive emailed Samsung, but of course they work Bankers hours, So I’m relying on my tech savvy friends on here to please help. Thank you so much, and Happy New Year!!

Are you making sure each device is in discovery mode? If not check the directions as each device is different and they may require a reset to pair. Also make sure you are close to the hub when pairing and your hub is placed closed to your Wifi router.


There’s something definitely not right, especially since this is twice for you. Let’s try working through a few things.

Once you’ve connected the hub to your network, and have gone through the steps just for the hub, please do not go through the process of connecting devices yet, and go to the IDE and see what firmware your hub is running. It should be v14.22

Let’s try to get your hub up and stable before connecting devices. Your hub may need a firmware update, and/or a reboot, before adding devices. Please let me know

How are you trying to connect the motion sensor??? Are you using “Connect New Device” or Safety and Security/Motion Sensor/ manufacturer i.e Samsung Smartthings

The reason for my question is that even though either option should work, choosing the latter will present a new menu that includes the Instruction Manual. Sometimes getting a device connected is as simple as removing battery, selecting the app option “Connect Now” then inserting the battery while holding down a button on/in the device. Without knowing the specifics of the device, trying to connect can be a hit and miss.