So expensive...why?

I presume, (correct me if I’m wrong) like most things , z wave , zigbee smart stuff is made in the far east for peanuts and UK distributors/ importers/ brands put massive mark ups on them . It riles me that in the US you can get Smartthings etc , so much cheaper . Prices Today .

Hub US Amazon - $67 UK Samsung- £99
Multi sensor US Amazon $25 UK Samsung - £30
Motion Sensor US Amazon $24 UK Samsung £30
Presence sensor US Amazon $19 UK Samsung £30
not to mention all the other stuff we cant get here in the UK,

Is it because of tax reasons, weak pound or just plain greed ?, or is it because they have us over a barrel , being so few companies that supply in the UK.
At the rate I’m going because of costs my home will be probably automated to the standard I want in about 20 YEARS!!!
Is the kit sold on Alibaba, Bang Good and such like much different than brands like Fibaro, Aeon etc .

I notice you are comparing US Amazon with UK Samsung. Even in states Samsung store is 20-30% higher than Amazon and other retailers like Amazon. How do prices compare to prices ? Taking exchange rate into account of course. I usually find Amazon Uk to be cheaper than US even with the international shipping charges. Of course I don’t shop UK site for HA devices due to the obvious voltage and radio frequency differences

The latter are higher, in general…often much higher, and just about exactly the same as the prices he quotes for UK Samsung.

That price for the hub is the equivalent of US$122.08 at the current exchange rate…though the $67 he quotes from the US Amazon site is for a used hub. The lowest new price is $79.99 (on sale currently).

Hub on UK amazon £99
Outlet £44
And doesn’t look like they have stock on anything else

It doesn’t count for the whole difference, but don’t forget that US prices are excluding sales tax (which is added on purchase) whereas UK prices are inclusive of 20% VAT.


Actually, it does…at least in the case of the hub. Good catch. So much for “greedy capitalists” being the culprit.

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