Price in US vs Europe

Anyone knows why there is such big price difference in US and Europe? Currently has set the price of the hub at 99 USD (these days it is actually 79 usd) and has set it at 200 EUR i.e. 209 USD. I understand there is additional tax in Europe, but that’s only 15-20%

Perhaps that’s a third-party seller. It’s generally been £99.99 at when “Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.” (That’s an official distribution channel.)

Also, make sure you are looking at a listing for just the hub, and not the starter kit which includes several additional devices.

this looks reasonable too. Yeah, I’m sure I’m looking at the same thing.

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I just checked and the only ones that came up there for me were unauthorized resellers. At very high prices.

So you will do better buying from with Amazon as the seller if that’s available to you.