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So Alexa went stupid on me this morning

Same thing happened to me this last weekend. I noticed that Alexa had seemed to lost the link and all devices. I just unlinked with ST, relinked and rediscovered and all was good again.

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Update. Some things working some not. UGH One ge link works other in same room rcho says device is not responding

Device not responding is a different issue.

Can the GE link be controlled by toggle in the SmartThings app?

yup everything works fine otherwise. It’s doing it with some switches also. Only happening withe echo. Smartthings, lighting scenarios, Smart Tiles all working.

Here the status of my echo controlling devices. Error is the same if listed as not working.

Have 3 switches in my back room all in one box, only one is working other two are not

Diningroom 1ge link not working, smart outlet next to it is.

Bedroom switch is working

Kitchen switch and slave not working.

Front room one GE link working other not working.

So about half my devices stopped and different device types at that.

Played with it some more tonight. I got it working by deleting all groups and devices on the amazon side and unlinking with smart things. Then I relinked and built my devices and groups. Everything working again. I still have no idea why it suddenly died overnight.

I find that all of these problems seem to have to do with the smart thing/echo integration, not echo itself, with one exception.

Occasionally, Amazon adds new words to the list of reserved names that echo uses for its own controls. Once it does, it will no longer recognize that as a device name even if it used to do so.

For example, for the first six weeks of the SmartThings/echo integration I had to switch named “power” and I could say “Alexa, turn off power” and echo would tell SmartThings to turn that switch off.

Then echo used that as its own word and if you said “Turn off power” the echo itself would turn off and it wouldn’t send anything to SmartThings.

Had to change the name to “shutdown” so I say “trigger shutdown” now.

But other than that, everything has been fixed by reconnecting on the SmartThings side.

Same here, having this issue. Regarding of whether I use article (“the”) or not. I haven’t used the product since yesterday so I don’t know when it started.

I’ve got too much to do so I can’t mess around with it, but if time permits I will tinker tomorrow.

I’m a huge alexa fan but over the past week , she is completely unreliable. Turn on/off the tv stopped working completely. I’m assuming this has something to do with the new TV skill. Renamed it to television and cable. Somewhat better but still takes a few tries. Turn on/off everything was always problematic, so I setup “all” which worked but now it’s an argument every time. Myq is not functional in ST or echo. Getting frustrated.

I fixed mine by logging into here

and tell Alexa to forget all devices and redo the discovery.

Hope that will work for you guys.

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This has worked flawlessly with Smartthings, but today when I ask Alexa to turn something on or off, i get the response “That command doesn’t work on that device”

Additionally, Alexa works with IFTTT, so i can control some ST functions, as well as some other sklls with Lifx. Anyone ever encounter this or tried to fix?

Went into Echo app had 29 devices listed lots offline, and way to many devices. told Echo to forget devices, removed smartthings from echo, added smartthings back and did discovery. Found 17 devices the correct amount all is working it seems.

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All I did to fix mine was use the alexa mobile app to search for devices again. It said none were found (no new) and everything works again.


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I had to completely remove everything and start over… THREE times before it went back to working…

This worked for me too. I didn’t remove anything;
I just re-ran the Connected Home Discovery utility in the Amazon Alexa app – which found zero new devices – and now everything works again.

I don’t know what the heck that was all about.

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I unlinked Echo from SmartThings app – then relinked - and told Alexa to disover new things - and she stopped being stupid… hope that helps someone…

Scott Rohling

I’m considering getting an Echo for Christmas. Now I’m wondering if it’s not enough on the polished side yet. How often are y’all having to do this, and how long does it take? Are simple voice commands, or are you having to go thru ST or Amazon screens, entering and reentering? The work involved in reestablishing everything is a key I haven’t gone to hub 2.0 yet. It’s working well, what’s the incentive?

The Echo is great, very easy, very polished. The “went stupid” problems discussed in this thread appear to have been issues on the SmartThings side.

Read the amazon reviews, most people find it both simple and reliable. It’s now the primary means of light control at our house; everybody likes it. :sunglasses:

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I have 3 echo’s in my house, along the fire tv stick with voice. I’m putting voice control into every room of my house.

It’s very easy to use and it is very very polished. You will not regret it.

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I am still having issues with echo controlling my harmony activities in smartthings. I know I can use ifttt, but I prefer to say Alexa, TV on instead of Alexa trigger the TV. It works, but Alexa keeps saying that command is not compatible with that device. Saying Alexa, TV off works though, as does switching to other activities once everything is turned on.

Man I really wish I could help you on this. I set up the harmony and only set up watch Netflix and watch live tv. It was about that time I realized this was not for me. My harmony remote is much simpler and faster.

And since I’m already using ST, the harmony hub is just an unnecessary redundancy for me.

I firmly believe in keep it simple, which is why I believe my reliability factor is much higher than the average user.

Good luck my friend. I really believe the harmony hub is great and had a future. I hope you get it worked out.